06.05.10 — Triumphant Shout!

Saturday, June 5, 2010 — World Environment Day

Puzzle by Samuel A. Donaldson, edited by Will Shortz

AHA, BINGO, EUREKA, GIN, HURRAY, JACKPOT, OLÉ, SWEET, YAHTSEE and YES, all clued as Triumphant shout, are the interrelated group of this Saturday crossword.

Remaining across — 8. What some teens do on Saturday night, BABYSIT; 15. Galina ULANOVA, old Russian ballerina whose Moscow apartment is now a museum; 16. While restrained, as a dog, ON LEASH; 17. Very tough thing to lick, NEMESIS; 18. Impetuous sort, HOTSPUR; 19. Thing with a bell guard, EPEE; 20. Occupants of 33-Across, STEEDS; 22. Boston Skyscraper nickname, with “the”, PRU; 24. “The Gypsy IN ME” (“Anything Goes” song); 25. Reveal, to Shakespeare, SHEW; 26. Org. concerned with court proceedings?, USTA; 28. Dix follower, ONZE; 29. Virgo’s brightest star, SPICA; 33. Track adjuncts, STABLES; 36. Of modern humans, SAPIENS; 39. Some small clubs, TREYS; 40. Sweeping, EPIC; 41. Large number, SCAD; 45. Biographers’ collections, ANAS; 46. Faulkner’s “Requiem for A NUN; 48. Type on the left side?: Abbr., DEM; 49. Extreme, FRINGE; 51. Shield border, ORLE; 52. Players don’t rush through them, ADAGIOS; 54. Askew, SLANTED; 56. Newsworthy, TOPICAL; 57. Overwhelm, as with requests, BESIEGE; 58. Take in, ENSNARE.

Down — 1. Capital near Excursion Inlet, JUNEAU; 2. Hebrew leaders?, ALEPHS; 3. Charged, CAME AT; 4. Human equivalent of a horse’s stifle, KNEE; 5. Getters of letters: Abbr., POS; 6. Sheep’s genus, OVIS; 7. Occasions to compare noses, TASTINGS; 8. Part of the République tchèque, BOHEME; 9. Thermionic tube part, ANODE; 10. Their outsides are usually toasted, BLTS; 12. Blue shade, SAPPHIRE; 13. “You betcha!”, I SURE CAN; 14. Unlikely places for stop signs, THRUWAYS; 21. ENZO Angiolini (women’s shoe brand); 25. Sail extenders, SPRITS; 27. St. Mary’s and others, ABBEYS; 28. 29-Down’s number, maybe, ONE A; 29. Apartment V.I.P., SUPE; 31. Breeds, ILKS; 32. Feminine “this,” to Brutus, HAEC; 33. Did some planning, SET A DATE; 34. Lit, TURNED ON; 35. Sightseeing aids, AREA MAPS; 36. Visits along the way, SWINGS BY; 38. Like yarn, SPUN; 40. Maroon, ENISLE; 42. “Lost” character Ana Lucia CORTEZ; 43. Hold, ALLEGE; 44. Myers who wrote “Why Women Should Rule the World”, DEE DEE; 46. Clamorous, AROAR; 49. Medicare funder, briefly, FICA; 50. Magna Graecia colony, ELEA; 51. Not procrastinating, ON IT; 55. It buried Herculaneum, ASH.


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