06.06.10 — Typeface, etc.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

TYPECASTING, Puzzle by Daniel A. Finan, edited by Will Shortz

Eight clues that include typeface as a part of the clue comprises the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword.

Across — 1. See above, ACROSS; 7. Slicker, in a way, ICIER; 12. “… so long AS YE both shall live?; 16. Youth grp., BSA; 19. Bit of excitement, CHARGE; 20. Japanese comics style, MANGA; 21. Have AN AX to grind; 22. Cries of a toe-stubber, OWS; 23. JAIL OR FINE, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT; 26. Edge, LIP; 27. Grown-UPS; 28. Staff connections, SLURS; 29. “Carrie” star, SPACEK; 30. Year Attila the Hun was born, CDVI; 31. Figure on an electric bill, RATE; 33. Chris NOTH, player of Mr. Big on “Sex and the City”; 35. Excuse maker, maybe, SORE LOSER; 37. Perspectives, SLANTED VIEWS; 42. Sound city, SEATTLE; 43. Kitt who sang “Santa Baby”, EARTHA; 44. Tarzan’s simian sidekick, CHEETA; 47. SIT A spell; 48. Actress Christina RICCI; 51. Lee who got a kick out of acting?, BRUCE; 53. “You are mistaken!”, NOT SO; 56. Trail, DOG; 59. Putting in a carton, SHADOW BOXING; 63. Bygone name in hair removal, NEET; 64. Salivation cause, AROMA; 65. Turkish money, LIRAS; 67. DRY spell; 68. Exam for a Wharton applicant: Abbr., GMAT; 69. Himalayan legend, YETI; 70. Come out with, UTTER; 71. PC insert, CD ROM; 73 French suffix, IERE; 74. Critical comments, UGHS; 75. MEA culpa; 76. 2005 “Survivor” setting, PALAU; 77. Not superficial, INNER; 78. “SO IT would seem”; 79. Wordsmith, SCRIPTWRITER; 83. Results of some rushes, for short, TDS; 84. Ltr. Accompaniers, ENCLS; 86. Bro, HOMIE; 87. Audacious, NERVY; 89. Pool surface, FELT; 91. Some riding mowers, DEERES; 94. Noxious atmosphere, MIASMA; 98. Mercury and Saturn, DEITIES; 101. Birthday cake toppers, ROMAN CANDLES; 104. Endorse, RECOMMEND; 107. Jedi foes, in “Star Wars”, SITH; 108. Is indisposed, AILS; 109. Goya’s field, ARTE; 110. Mr. PEANUT of advertising; 113. Desiderata, NEEDS; 116. Printemps month, MAI; 117. 2006 Nintendo debut, WII; 118. Couple swapping, STRUCK OUT SWINGING; 121. 1976 album “Olé ELO”; 122. Zig or zag, VEER; 123. It may be snowy, EGRET; 124. Board as a group, PILE IN; 125. Rembrandt van RYN; 128. Language from which “loot” comes, URDU; 127. Smooths, in a way, SANDS; 129. Stashes, STORES.

Down — 1. Bedamn, ACCURSE; 21. Mexico’s largest lake, CHAPALA; 3. Snoop, e.g., RAP STAR; 4. “… OR I quit!”; 5. Pepper and Friday: Abbr., SGTS; 6. One clapping at a circus?, SEAL; 7. Comedy specialty IMPROV; 8. Biting, CAUSTIC; 9. Comfort INN; 10. Sponsorship: Var., EGIS; 11. Not smooth-talk?, RASP; 12. Company with a “beep-beep” in its ads, AAMCO; 13. Responses of contempt, SNEERS; 14. Team whose logo features a bat in a hat, YANKEES; 15. No. after a no., EXT; 18. Assertion, BOLD STATEMENT; 17. Turn 90°, say, SWIVEL; 18. Have a goal, ASPIRE; 24. Bergman’s role in “Casablanca”, LUND; 25. Is sick with, HAS; 30. Separating machine, COTTON GIN; 32. ENTR’ acte; 34. Snicker part, HEH; 36. Reclined, LAIN; 38. “Is THIS A JOKE?”; 39. For one, EACH; 40. “Our Town” family WEBBS; 41. Prefix in hematology, SERO; 45. What a penguin doesn’t really wear, TUX; 46. Deleterious precipitation, ACID RAIN; 49. Prestigious West Coast school, for short, CAL TECH; 50. Race that takes a northern trail in even years and a southern trail in odd years, IDITAROD; 52. Neither here nor there?, EN ROUTE; 54. Prepared, as some tuna, SEARED; 55. Warren : rabbits :: couch : OTTERS; 58. A parking garage may have special pricing for it, DAY USE; 57. Home of the U.S.’s last active nickel mine, OREGON; 58. Untruths, GOTHIC FICTION; 60. Garnierite, for short, ORE; 61. It’s good for “absolutely nothing” according to a 1970 hit, WAR; 62. Sweater’s place, GYM; 65. Christmas hanging, MISTLETOE; 70. Sounds of hesitation, UMS; 71. Field call, CAW; 72. Abbr. on some license plates, DLR; 76. Wing: Prefix, PTERO; 77. Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Michael IRVIN; 80. The Beatles’ “I ME Mine”; 81. It‘s on top of piles, PIER; 82. Columnist Bombeck, ERMA; 85. Dude ranch nickname, SLIM; 88. When tripled, a “Seinfeld” catchphrase, YADA; 90. Satan, with “the”, TEMPTER; 92. Ambulance letters, EMS; 93. Like Joan of Arc, SAINTED; 95. More like a slug, SLIMIER; 96. U.S. tennis player Oudin, MELANIE; 97. Gives, as homework, ASSIGNS; 98. Chest part, DRAWER; 99. How haunted houses creak, EERILY; 100. Blow one’s stack, SEE RED; 102. Bikini blasts, N-TESTS; 103. Copenhagen, e.g., CHEW; 105. Country that’s just 8 square miles in area, NAURU 106. Leadership org. opposed to the G.O.P., DNC; 111. Island instruments, for short, UKES; 112. Classical attire, TOGA; 114. Party bowlfuls, DIPS; 115. State of ill humor, SNIT; 118. “Law & Order: SVU”; 119. Ash holder, URN; 120. Shine, in ads, GLO.


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