06.30.10 — Quartet, et al

All things shall perish from under the sky,
Music alone shall live
Music alone shall live
Music alone shall live, never to die.
— German folk song


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Puzzle by Kristian House, edited by Will Shortz

The quartet of CROWN JEWEL (17A. Conk the “You Were Meant for Me” singer?), CLAW HAMMER (62A. Scratch the “2 Legit 2 Quit” rapper), HARBOR SEAL (10D. Protect the “Kiss From a Rose” singer from the cops?) and TICKLE PINK (28D. Amuse the “Get the Party Started” singer)? are the interrelated group of this eminently hummable Wednesday crossword.

Other — AD-LIBBED (21A. Did improv), ELEMENTS (38D. Mendeleev’s tabulation), NOVELLAS (49A. “Billy Budd” and “Of Mice and Men”), PIT STOPS (26A. Truckers’ breaks), SNUBNOSE (9D. Revolver feature, perhaps), TYPECAST (53A. Pigeonholed, in moviedom).

Mid-size — BALERS (47A. Some farm machinery), DALLAS (8D. Miss Ellie’s soap), DEWARS (4D. White Label Scotch maker), HASAGO, INGOTS (14D. Bars at Fort Knox), JOYOUS (18D. Festive), LAVISH (40D. Like an inaugural ball), RELOAD, SCORNS, SOWETO (57A. Site of a 1976 South African uprising), LAWMAN, STACKS (48D. IHOP servings).

Five-letter — ANKLE (42A. House arrestee’s bracelet site), ASSOC, DAMNS (66A. Sends to blazes), IRINA and NORMA, PCLAB, SCOTS, Play by a different SET OF rules, SITAR (44A. Instrument that’s usually played cross-legged), SPITS, STEEL (39A. 1943 penny material), STEIN, SUITS, TOMEI (13A. Marisa of “The Wrestler”).

Short stuff — AMT, AMOS, ANNO, APSE, ARKS, ASIN, CRI, DENT, EERO, EMMA, EMIT, ERIC, EYED, FILA, HORA (2D. Dance done to “Hava Nagila”) and HOYA, Harry James‘s “I HAD the Craziest Dream“, INCA (22A. Quechua speaker), IOWA (6D. Early caucus state), ITCH, KITE (65A. Cousin of an eagle), LICE, MEAD, NAPE, NATO, ORSO, ROYS, SHAM, SLIP, SPED, TADA, TATE, TENT, THE, TIED, URSA (19A. Major in astronomy?), WED, YSER (54D. River through Flanders).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. Knotted up; 9. Bedding item; 15. Georgetown athlete; 16. Rab bit punch target; 20. Attempts, with “at”; 23. Rogers and Bean; 25. The “A” of A.D.; 30. Has contempt for; 33. Dernier ___; 34. Goes well with; 36. Org.; 37. Cause of head-scratching, perhaps; 41. Architect Saarinen; 46. Tbsp., e.g.; 51. Radiate; 52. Nike competitor; 61. Speller’s words of clarification; 64. Car door ding; 67. Torah holders; 68. Floored it; 69. Defense grp. Since 1949. DOWN: 1. Trigger finger problem?; 2. Dance done to “Hava Nagila”; 3. Andy’s partner in old radio; 5. Everyday article; 7. Checked out; 11. Cathedral recess; 12. Drink in “Beowulf”; 22. Quechua speaker; 24. Rotisserie parts; 26. Programming class locale, perhaps; 27. “Three Sisters” sister; 29. Oktoberfest memento; 31. Singer of the “Casta diva” aria; 32. Tartan hose wearers; 35. Play by a different ___ rules; 43. Children’s author Carle; 45. Do a musketeer’s job; 50. Wyatt Earp, e.g.; 53. “Look what I did!”; 55. Break one’s resolution, say; 56. ___ Modern (London gallery); 58. Austen classic; 59. Camper’s carry-along; 60. Roughly; 63. Got hitched.

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