06.10.10 — To the Point

Anémic Cinéma (1926) is a Dadaist, surrealist, or experimental film made by Marcel Duchamp. The film depicts whirling animated drawings -- which Duchamp called Rotoreliefs -- alternated with puns in French. Duchamp signed the film with his alter ego name of Rrose Sélavy.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz

EXTREMELY CLOSE (20A. 61-Across +9-Across), UNLIMITED BUDGET (36D. 9-Across + 26-Down) and INSPECTION SPOT (49A. 26-Down + 61-Across) resulting from the essentially unwritten clues of POINT BLANK, BLANK CHECK and CHECKPOINT, e.g., BLANK (9A. Erased), CHECK (26D. “Got it!”) and 61A. “Don’t POINT!”, constitute(s) the interrelated group of this thornily-clued Thursday crossword.

Other — DEAR SIRS (38D. “To whom it may concern” alternative), DUMP ON (34D. Really criticize), EAST BERLIN (3D. “Octopussy” setting), ENCAMP (21D. Pitch tents), HASTEN (43D. Hotfoot it), KISMET (5D. Lot), LAGOON (10D. Peaceful swimming site), O’DOUL’S (45D. Nonalcoholic beer brand), SUGAR SPOON (29D. Tea service accessory), and WHERE AM I (4D. Question asked in a foggy state).

Five-letter — AGING, BASIE (16A. Jazz count?), BENES, B-BALL (9D. Hoops), CELEB, C-NOTE (55A. Bill with a picture of Ben), EVENT (30D. Eclipse, e.g.), IDLES, I LIKE, MEANS, ODORS, OFTEN, OILED, OP ART (45A. Work with wavy lines, maybe), Prosciutto di PARMA (Italian ham), PLACE, RANEE, REACT, SHIELD, SPENT.

Short stuff — ABEL and ABEL, (59D. Biblical homophone of 1-Down; 1D. Having the know-how), AFEW, AIDE, ASIS, ASK, BLAH (14A. Uninspiring), CAL, CATS, COP, CZAR, ELO, FLAX, IDOS, INFO, IRK, ISPY, KEG, KIWI, LASE, LEI, NINE, NSEC, OWIE, PENH, PULP, REDS, ROIL, SLOP, SNEE, STAR, TALE, TUBE, UVA, WOOL, ZULU.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Not too many; 5. Auckland native, informally; 15. Promising start to a marriage?; 17. Correct with surgery, maybe, as the eye; 18. Spill (over); 19. Sitting in a cask, say; 23. Elaine ___ (“Seinfeld” role), 24. Rock grp. Once promoted as “the English guys with the big fiddles”; 25. Not be deadpan; 26. Food label abbr.; 28. Tiny amount of time: Abbr.; 33. Backed (away from); 35. Sch. Whose Board of Visitors once included presidents Madison and Monroe; 39. Gift received at Honolulu International Airport; 40. Be runner-up; 41. Way; 42. Phnom ___; 44. Bug; 46. “Go ___ you mother”; 48. Aerosol targets; 56. End of the NATO phonetic alphabet; 57. Big Ten team; 58. A lot; 60. Muddy; 62. ‘50s scare; 63. Snick and ___. DOWN: 2. Something that’s spun; 6. Sits; 7. Peacoat material; 8. Best-selling children’s book series by Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo; 11. Tag line?; 12. Yellow-striped ball; 13. Miller site?; 22. Gossip mag subject; 25. Madras monarch; 27. Congressional hire; 31. Boppers; 32. Amazing Stories, e.g.; 33. Toronto daily; 37. “Looks good to me”; 47. Pooped; 48. Like some bodybuilders’ bodies; 49. Skinny; 50. “Wasn’t my fault?”; 51. Title first used by Simeon I of Bulgaria; 52. Piece of cannelloni, essentially; 53. Tot’s injury; 54. Something that’s spun; 55. Admit (to).

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