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Protesters running for air as they are surrounded by tear gas. Biddu, West Bank, Palestine, photo by Oded Balilty, AP, 2004


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Puzzle by Robert H. Wolfe, edited by Will Shortz

Conflict rules in this solemn Saturday crossword, headlined by three 15-letter remarks of opposition and suspicion — SOMETHING’S FISHY (17A. Rat smeller’s words), DON’T DO THAT AGAIN (37A. Warning to a pest) and ARE YOU KIDDING ME (56A. "Seriously?"). Conflict and chaos ensue in earnest with WRATH and IN ANGER (23D. Face reddener; 44A. Way to look back?), the uncooperative NOT TODAY (1A. Procrastinator’s reply), the heated LAYS INTO (63A. Rails at) and OVERCAME (15A. Beat), the omnipresent REN (36A. Neurotic toon), INFEST (10D. Take over), STEN (35D. 9-mm. weapon), a full dose of TEAR GAS GUN (30D. Folks may cry after it’s shot.) and a flip and rude command to EAT IT (34D. 1984 hit with the lyric “Have a banana, have a whole bunch”). Whew! Plenty of NOS (1D. They’’re not positive).

Other — ABBESS, ANISES, ARGON, ASPHALT (50A. Court cover-up?), BARREL, ECHOES (43d. Hollow replies), FIANCE, ICE PALACES (32A.Winter sports arenas), INDOOR, LIGATURE (61A. Artery binder), REGULAR (24A. Alternative to premium), SECOND, TAKE TEN (20A. Break), TEMP AGENCY (3D. Placement aid), WHITE HORSE (41A. Trading center during the Klondike gold rush).

Five-letter — DYNES, CHEST, FISKE, HAULS, STILL, WADES (23A. Doesn’t go swimmingly?), YENTA (Grapevine cultivator?).

Short stuff — ABA and AHA and ASA and ASI and AMI, ADIT, ALOW, ANTI, ARAB (50D. Many a dinar spender), CHI, COHN, DAHL, DIA, EDGY, EEO, ELK, ERY, GAD and LAD, MR T, NERI, NOSE (12D. A hook might give it a hook), OCTA, OVO, PEAL, PYRE (42. Phoenix construction), RIAS, SERB (51D. Dinar spender), TREE.

I’m outta here!


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. Engagement party?; 19. Roll; 21. ___ bonus; 28. Heathrow takeoff sound?; 40. Elvis Presley was one: Abbr.; 42. Unit in an erg’s definition; 45. Jewel holder; 49. “___ said …”; 53. They’re often associated with world leaders. DOWN: 2. Egg head?; 4. Pistachio or almond; 5. Prefix with -valent; 6. Gary who invented the Pet Rock; 7. 1960s-’70s Citroen; 9. Big name in college guides; 14. Colliery access; 13. Columbia Pictures co-founder; 14. Green attachment?; 18. Knock (about); 21. Anhydrous; 22. It goes by quickly; 25. Baltimore neighborhood that includes Marble Hill; 26. Bar mitzvah, e.g.; 27. On a deck beneath; 29. Composition of some plasmas; 30. Folks may cry after it’s shot; 31. Members of the carrot family; 33. Loop setting, briefly; 38. Brainstorm outburst; 39. St. Philip of Rome; 46. Does semi-related work?; 47. Pennsylvania’s ___ Mountain (skiing area); 48. Allay;53. Envelope-pushing; 54. Cousins of fjords; 55. What may start climactictally?; 56. Grp. Concerned with precedents; 57. Semana segment; 58. Chain-sporting star; 59. Job ad abbr.

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I just wanted to thank you for all the interesting references on your blog and to say you are a lifesaver when it comes to getting that 'last corner' finished.