10.09.07 -- ELF

Santa’s Workshop -- holiday card, Tri-Sports
Sunday, December 9, 2007

Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer, edited by Will Shortz
The Sunday New York Times Magazine arrives out east here with the Saturday paper in the driveway -- did the puzzle at breakfast. Neighbors brought themselves over with their elf, so I gave her a sea green crayon to do up what is labeled as:
“Bonus puzzle: When this crossword has been completed, try to find the word ELF hidden in the grid 20 times, word search-style -- horizontally, vertically and diagonally in any direction.”
How’d she do?
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Across: 1. Feed for cattle and horses; 8. River or city of Maine; 12. E-5 in the U.S.A.F.; 16. Fourth steps; 19. Bashes; 20. Control TRAC (four-wheel-drive system); 21. Vessel lost at Pearl Harbor; 22. Piz Bernina or Eiger; 23. Yuletide celebration; 25. Unwavering; 27. Decadent; 28. Clearing; 30. Hindu queen; 31. Not fair at all; 32. Bingo call; 33. Rock group with the 12-time platinum album “Hysteria”; 35. Some martyrs: Abbr.; 36. Gorge; 37. Swiss MISS; 38. Music center?; 39. Weena’s fictional race; 40. Marc Antony’s love; 42. Rolodex abbr.; 44. Like Narcissus; 50. Popular Hispanic newspaper name; 53. Reposeful; 54. Longtime soap actress Jones; 55. “Prince ALI” (“Aladdin” song); 56. Play analyzer; 58. Year England captured Normandy at the Battle of Tinchebray; 59. Kind of sweater; 61. Fully functional; 62. Actor Kilmer; 63. Last time? 66. 1964 Beatles #1 hit; 68. Museum hanging; 69. Employee’s move, for short; 70. Words from a promising individual?; 73. Ye follower; 74. Samoa-to-Hawaii dir.; 75. Spitchcock; 76. Starters; 77. “Bald” baby; 79. Hail; 81. Classic outdoor winter toys; 84. Uganda’s IDI Amin; 85. “Climb EVRY Mountain”; 86. One who-s gone but not forgotten; 87. Mag magnate; 89. DEMI-plie (ballet move); 91. Personnel person; 93. “ECCE homo” (declaration in John 19:5); 97. Bond’s man?; 100. Ltr. Carriers; 101. Quasar co-discoverer Sandage; 102. Pope of 452 who met with Attila; 103. Red-eye cause; 105. Burning; 106. Adam Sandler’s “Spanglish” co-star; 108. Precious cargo of legend; 110. Mythical beast; 111. Seussian villagers; 112. 1988 Cy Young winner Hershiser; 113. Laundry worker; 114. Verb follower?; 115. Kind; 116. Ophthalmologist’s concern; 117. Rolls. Down: 1. Sources of fall color; 2. Light, in a way; 3. Repetitive exclamation from Shakespeare; 4. Sen. Specter and others; 5. “Waiting for LEFTY” (Odets’ play); 6. Bash; 7. Certain flake; 8. Mushroom stems; 9. Silver-colored; 10. Songwriter Sammy; 11. Santa’s reindeer, traditionally; 12. Never-failing; 13. Rickey Henderson record-breaking stat; 14. Beetle juice?; 15. Edward O. THORP, card-counting author of “Beat the Dealer”; 16. Zoological studies; 17. Edits; 18. Words per minute, e.g.; 24. Manx trait; 26. Pin spots; 29. Eliminate; 32. “BEOF good cheer”; 34. Actress Getty; 36. Bolt; 39. Stumbling sounds; 40. 13, for Al; 41. Air; 43. Senior Saarinen; 44. Biblical strongman; 45 Dropping acid, say; 46. Evening person?; 47. Go kaput; 48. First name in court fiction; 49. Hanna-Barbera collectible; 51. Redenbacher of popcorn fame; 52. Hero’s hero; 55. Genesis shepherd; 57. Forces in the water; 59. Grouch; 60. Craft often shown landing on three legs; 61. Old sports org.; 64. Let out; 65. Current with the wind; 66. Metric foot; 67. Geezer; 70. Anatomical duct; 71. Voluptuous; 72. Osaka O.K.; 76. Alley and Toffler; 77. EFOR effort; 78. ALL clear; 80. Towering figure in French engineering; 81. Carrie Chapman Catt, for one; 82. Little wrigglers; 83. Baa maids?; 87. He-Man Woman-HATERS Club (“Little Rascals” group); 88. Link, as fingers of the hands; 90. Key of Dvorak’s “New World” Symphony; 91. “Crimes of the Heart” playwright Beth; 92. Out of gear; 93. Firstborn; 94. John of “Rat Race”; 95. Constellation between Lynx and Hydra; 96. Starts to make a scene?; 97. “Life ISTOO short…”; 98. Brand under AMC Theatres; 99. “We Got the Beat” group; 101. “The Night Café” was painted there; 104. Comic Sahl; 105. Frizzy coif; 107. “Well, what have we here?!”; 109. Big inits. in news.


dann walsh said...


methinks yer 'idaho' elfs are sumwhat juxtaposed, laddie! have a great day!


DONALD said...


I really didn't want to correct my elf's work, but will for the sake of posterity -- what is "idaho"?

I recommend anyone reading this note head on over to dann's blog to see his great-looking elf-ized grid in tri-green color!