12.11.10 — Alea Jacta Est, Et Cetera

Julius Caesar and the Crossing of the Rubicon, Francesco Granacci 1494


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Puzzle by Paula Gamache, edited by Will Shortz

ALEA JACTA EST (20D. “The die is cast,” to Caesar), supposedly uttered when he crossed the river Rubicon before entering Rome, BUZZER BEATER (6D. Thrilling hoops shot), LUCREZIA BORGIA (19A. Daughter of Alexander VI) and SOUTHERN ACCENT (47A. What a Yankee is unlikely to have) are the long entries of this Saturday crossword.

Eight-letter — ASTATINE (54A. Element between polonium and radon on the periodic table), BARITONE, CLEMENZA (17A. What Tito shows, in opera), DELIRIUM, I MEAN IT, MERCATOR (51A. Projection creator), SLEUTHED, TELLS ALL (2D. Blabs, blabs, blabs).

Seven — ABRAXAS (28A. Ancient amulet inscription), E-MAILER, MAIN MAN, MENTHOL, MIRAMAX, TEAR GAS.

Six — AMOUNT, ENDORA, HANGER, I’M COLD (15D. [Brrr!]), IN KIND, MAUNDY (41D. Foot-washing ceremony), NO SALE, “I got NOTHIN“, OCEANO (16A. Setting of muchas islas), STYLES, SUN HAT, THANKS, THREAT, TOSSES (39D. Scraps).

Five — BRERS (4D. Backwoods sibs), DC CAB (46D. 1983 Joel Schumacher film), DRAIN, ESTOS, GARDE, “This should NOT BE!”, TAMED, ZETAS (45D. Some Greek sisters).

Short stuff — BEBE, CDC, CTS and CRTS, EINE, ELLE, ESPO, FAIR, FREE, GAB (26D. Tittle-tattle), GENL, HARE and HERE, IBO, JOB, LID and LIE, NTSB, OCHO, OLD, OMAN (44A. Country whose name is occasionally used as an exclamation?), OXEN, PLED, REX and TEX, SAHL, TACO, TMAX, XOXO (29D. Love letters?), ZEIT.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Abbr. for change; 4. One who’s just arrived in Mexico?; 18. Recipient’s reply; 21. These, on Ibiza; 22. What an aspiring model may read; 23. One with star power?: Abbr.; 24. Comic with the 1955 album “At Sunset”; 25. Open; 26. ___-robe (Calais closet); 27. Didn’t just ask; 30. 19th-century, say; 31. Doctored account; 32. Bread source; 33. Nigerian language; 38. Kodak film used in surveillance; 39. Under control; 42. Quinceañera treat; 43. “___ goes”; 45. Time, to Freud; 46. Eddy site; 50. Bit of beachwear; 53. Sitcom witch; 55. They go in and out; 56. Wreck-checking org.; 57. Matt Dillon title role of 1982. — DOWN: 1. Flu-fighting org.; 3. Did some digging around; 4. Backwoods sibs; 5. Stern article; 7. One may attach something; 9. A third of vindicator; 10. Riot control agent; 11. One in the closet; 12. One way to respond; 13. Register message; 21. Boston Garden nickname; 25. Midway point?; 31. Hamper part; 33. Affirmation of seriousness; 34. Military band piece; 35. Draft team; 36. Tiger Balm ingredient; 37. Best bud; 38. Security problem; 40. Aggregate; 48. Storied slacker; 49. Analog oscilloscope parts: Abbr.; 52. Playmate for Spot.

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