12.12.10 — Grown for A TUMBLE — Puns and Anagrams

The Flatiron Building, 1905 photograph by Edward Steichen


Sunday, December 12, 2010

PUNS AND ANAGRAMS, Puzzle by Mel Taub, edited by Will Shortz

Oh, those puns! A good many groaners in this one, along with some very clever anagrams. But, oh, the puns! Whew!

Across — 1. Quiet walk, SHAMBLE; 8. Leah’s rock, SHALE; 13. Pressing need in a New York City district, FLATIRON; 14. They enable seers to star, TAROTS; 16. Totally conservative excuse, RIGHT OUT, 17. Best in thinking? Oh, you numbskull!, OUTWIT; 18. To sing about bars, INGOTS; 19. It runs through April leas, RILL; 21. Old ore car, REO; 22. Internet chick is Pierre’s equal, EGAL; 23. “Citizen CANE” (film about a sugar farmer in a collective; 24. She may get a nod in Spain, DONA; 25. The German Communist returned, DER; 26. Pass 50 rebukes, SLAPS; 28. Very big soldier-worker, GIANT; 29. Our U.S.D.A. is tough, ARDUOUS; 31. Events at which average fruit drinks are sold, PARADES; 33. Outsides of a submarine sandwich, of a sort, SUCH; 34. What an ayatollah said about his country, IRAN; 35. Carter, I gather, is eccentric, ERRATIC; 38. About couples in fixes, REPAIRS; 42. “Gone With the Wind” actress heard singer Brenda, LEIGH; 43. Obstetric jargon, OBESE; 45. One seated in a teeter-totter, TOT; 46. Rep. follower, LACE; 47. Ones that rams use, it is said, EWES; 48. Mostly tease stiff hair, SETA; 49. Kind of late, ISO; 50. Poet Hans, NASH; 51. 50 pairs of coils, SPIRAL; 53. Wedge-shaped pin on a sea animal; COTTER; 55. It meets a need for an insurance claim; 57. Involve in tale, ENTAIL; 58. Soda seen to be made tasty; 59. Lady’s in a sorry way; SADLY; 60. Half a score of insects living in an apartment building, TENANTS.

Down — 1. N.E. girl’s a hash house employee, SLINGER; 2. Very tired-looking novelist. HAGGARD; 3. Loath to be in a town in Massachusetts, ATHOL; 4. With which Romney makes a catch, MITT; 5. Robs amigos, BROS; 6. Lousy start for a guy’s name, LOU; 7. Deceive a parent, ENTRAP; 8. Part of a pistoleer’s dressy attire; STOLE; 9. City HAUL (municipal tax revenues); 10. Aesthetic guy, ART; 11. Route for Burns or Waldo, LOW ROAD; 12. Frenchman at #9 tee, ETIENNE; 13. A woman I’d fear, FRIEDA; 15. Toasts ermines, STOATS; 20. Where to find church bells, INSPIRES; 23. Steady money sources that singer Johnny intimidates, CASH COWS; 24. An aid for a princess, DIANA; 26. Part of the country where Houston is? No, no!, SOUTH; 27. She’ll give you 151, LUCI; 28. A vintner wants it up to par, e.g., GRAPE; 30. Number of years since 1776, USAGE; 32. God during the Greek eras, ARES; 35. Girl known as Li’l Cee, ELLICE; 36. Concerning a lad’s motives, REASONS; 37. Cheese that suits Ric to a T, RICOTTA; 39. Repeating, I natter, ITERANT; 40. Turns a toaster, ROTATES; 41. Lasted far too long, STALED; 44. Thebes’ command, BEHEST; 47. Finishing a relay ahead of time, EARLY; 48. Associate of Minos, SIMON; 50. Line-man, NEIL; 51. Mr. Ford, STAN; 52. PISA cake (simple Italian dessert); 54. Who date?, TAD; 56. Page’s predecessor, SEE.


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