12.06.10 — Library Admonition


Monday, December 6, 2010

Puzzle by Richard Chisholm, edited by Will Shortz

SHIPSHAPE (18A. In good order), SHARPSHOOTER (23A. Annie Oakley, for one), SHELL SHOCK (30A. Combat stress syndrome), SHORT-SHEET (44A. Pull a bed prank on), SHEEP SHEARER (49A. Wool gatherer) and SHOESHINE (61A. Bootblack’s service) are the interrelated group of this marvelous little Monday crossword.

Shoeshine boy depicted in the 1890 painting "Jersey Mud" by John George Brown

Other — HARD HAT (45D. Construction worker), PART III (39A. Last installment of “The Godfather”), SMART MONEY (11D. Wagers from those in the know), TELL ME MORE (28D. “Go on …”), UTENSIL (4D. Knife, fork or spoon).

Mid-size — ACMES, “It’s the end of AN ERA”, ARTIES, CAJUN, ELAYNE, ERNIE, ETHOS, HAHAS, HOIST, I’M HEP, KITERS, LASER, LIKED, OPTS IN, ORATE, PAIRS, PASS AS (21D. Succeed in appearing to be), PASTOR, PEER AT, “SACRE bleu!”, “The Taming of the SHREW”, TARSI (64A. Ankle bones), TEPEE, THORNS (56A. Rosebush hazards).

Statue of Liberty foot, torch and other pieces upon being uncrated on Liberty Island, 1885

Short stuff — AMA, ARID, ACH and ARCH and ASCH, Has-BEEN, CEL, CIR and SIR, COLE (1D. Porter who wrote “Night and Day”), DAZE, EDEN, ESE and SSE, EWES, FOBS, HALT, HELP, HRH, ISLE, JAKE, LIP, MOO, NEA, TEA and TOE (43D. One on the Statue of Liberty is almost three feet long), OAF, OTO, Oom-PAH, PAST, RAM and YAM, REA and RHEA, SATE, SEAR, SHH (51D. Library admonition), SYST, ZERO (59D. 0).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Native Louisianan; 6. Sass; 9. Future’s opposite; 13. Make a grand speech; 14. Physician’s org.; 15. Pinnacles; 17. Appreciated; 20. Adam and Eve’s first home; 21. Watch intently; 22. Actor Stephen of “Michael Collins”; 26. Bandleader Shaw and others; 29. Mate for 60-Down; 35. Watch chains; 38. Disney frame; 41. Cultural support org.; 42. “Stop right there!”; 46. Cow sound; 48. Funnywoman Boosler; 55. Thanksgiving side dish; 57. Make woozy; 65. Title for Galahad; 67. Viewed; 68. Tetley product; 69. Set of cultural values. — DOWN: 2. Saharan; 3. Gyllenhaal of “Love & Other Drugs; 5. Rorem who composed the opera “Our Town”; 6. Modern surgical tool; 7. Zoot-suiter’s “Got it!”; 8. Noah’s ark groupings; 9. Congregation leader; 10. German exclamation; 12. Shelter made of buffalo skin, maybe; 16. Blacken, as a steak; 24. Lend a hand; 25. Buffoon; 26. Yiddish writer Sholem; 27. Perlman of “Cheers”; 31. Prince’s title: Abbr.; 32. Plains Indian; 33. Round fig.; 34. Writer of bad checks; 37. Overfill; 40. ___ of Wight; 47. Chooses to participate; 49. The “S” in CBS: Abbr.; 50. Laughs; 52. Lift; 53 W.W. II correspondent Pyle; 58. St. Louis’s Gateway ___; 60. Mates for a 29-Across; 62 Language suffix; 63. Opposite of NNW.

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