12.31.10 — MMXI

Father Time Overcome by Love, Hope and Beauty, 1627, Simon Vouet


Friday, December 31, 2010 — New Year's Eve

Puzzle by Caleb Madison, edited by Will Shortz

TIME AFTER TIME (15D. Over and over) and STICK IT TO THE MAN (35A. Be revolting) are the long entries of this end-of-the-year Friday crossword, followed by ten of eight letters — AERONAUT (2D. Blimp navigator, ALOUETTE (38D. “Gentille” one of song), BROMANCE (62A. Relationship in the 2009 film “I Love You, Man”), I’M SO GLAD (17A. Response to great news), J J ABRAMS (1D. Creator of TV’s “Alias”), LAILA ALI (3D. Boxer who wrote “Reach!”), MAPQUEST (37D. Many users follow its directions), NO WAY OUT (39D. Problem for one who’s trapped), P T BARNUM (57A. “The Humbugs of the World” author, 1865) and TEEN IDOL (15A. Poster girl).

Mid-size — AFLAME, ARCHES, ARISEN (16A. Debunked?), ELDEST, ERES TU, HAVE TO, IDLING, JALOPY (1A. One likely to die on the road?), JEANIE (14A. Foster girl), LOSE IT (34D. Freak), OBLATE, ROADIE, SARTRE, SEXTET, S-STARS, STOP BY, TEPEES (40A. Homes within nations), THE WIRE (7A. What something may go down to), TURBOS, WIDGET (28A. Thingamajig), YENTAS, YES I SEE (64A. “Got it”).

Five-letter — ABETS, AITCH (54A. Head start?), ASTIR, I’M HIP, INKER, ITALO, MULAN (31A. Film in which Eddie Murphy voices the dragon Mushu), SAUCE, STOMP, TEMPT.

Short stuff — AAA, ACTA, BOL, DEET (30D. Debugger?), ENO, HARE, HES, ISLA and IPSA,NIS, NNE, ONS (4D. Switch sides?), ORRS, PIES, POW, QUA, RAS, REAP, RNA, SAMI (53D. Language related to Finnish), SIDE, SWAT (24D. Sacrifice fly?), TAU, UEY, WIGS (10D. Freaks (out)), VEX (61D. Really try).

Happy New Year!


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Remaining clues — 18. Big tin exporter: Abbr.; 19. Beat badly; 21. Battle joiner’s choice; 22. Kind of replication; 23. Sticks up for, maybe?; 25. Serbian city where Constantine the Great was born; 26. Org. with towers; 27. Luzón, e.g.; 33. Lit; 41. San Francisco’s Museo ___ Americano; 42. Red giants in the night sky; 45. Procure; 47. Big hit; 48. Cross character; 49. Not dormant; 51. As; 52. Ice legend’s family; 56. It’s often hung illegally); 60. Be coerced; 63. 1974 hit with Spanish lyrics; 65. The Allman Brothers Band, e.g. — DOWN: 5. Some county fair contest entries; 6. Folks getting into dirt; 7. Bait; 8. Bucks, e.g.; 9. Rock’s Brian; 11. Not going anywhere; 12. Carrier of drum cases, maybe; 13. First in line, say; 20. Like M&M’s; 27. Cartoonist, at times; 29. 64-Across, to a cat; 32. Court proceedings; 36. Self, in a Latin phrase; 46. ___ National Park; 50. It may stick to your ribs; 55. Dummy on a greyhound track; 58. Coll. Peer leaders; 59. Uptown’s dir. in N.Y.C.

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