12.17.10 — Cold as Ice

(15D. Word on Harry Powell’s left fingers in “The Night of the Hunter”;
19A. Image that stays with you)


Friday, December 17, 2010

Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

Eight-letter — ALE HOUSE (14A. Tavern), BRACELET (21D. Common glow-in-the-dark item), BURETTES (24D. Liquid dispensers in laboratories), EGG TEETH (51A. Aids in breaking shells), ELLSBERG (12D. Analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers), NEATEN UP (48A. Declutter), PAT RILEY (32D. Three-time N.B.A. Coach of the Year), TINACTIN (17A. Popular name for toinaftate).

Sixes and sevens — ALL OUT, CLOSER, EASELS (18A. Things holding up the works), MEANIE, RECALL, RIPPLE (16A. Micro wave?), SYMONS, TATTOO (19A. Image that stays with you).

Five — ALIAS, ALPHA, BLUTO (41D. Comic strip bully), CREED, ESSEN, ETAIL, GENTS, KITES, LATTE, MAMET, MANED, ORKIN, SATIE, SIMBA, TRESS, UVULA (26A. Lump in one‘s throat?).

Short stuff — AUTO, BIRD, BRYN, CAPP (4A. Joe Btfsplk‘s creator), CBER, CIA and CSI and PSI, DOA (54A. 1950 film noir) , EGO, HATE (15D. Word on Harry Powell’s left fingers in “The Night of the Hunter”), ICEE, KEPT, LAG, LIAR, OAKS, ONO, OPS, RAGS, RISE and ROSE, RUIN, SIBS, VOLE.


The following is a list of Patrick Berry’s twelve puzzles published in The New York Times in 2010:

11.14.10 — Two Heads Are Better Than One
10.16.10 — Passiflora Edulis, Et Cetera
09.25.10 — Playing Out September
08.22.10 — NO-R
08.06.10 — The Forgotten
07.09.10 — Vicious!
05.21.10 — Splash!
05.15.10 — Cranking It Out
04.11.10 — Tee
02.07.10 -- The Football Fan
01.08.10 -- As Far As I Can Tell


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Progress too slowly; 8. Effective salesman; 20. Traffic reporter, you might say; 22. TV Show whose opening music is the Who’s “Who Are You”; 23. Where Alfred Krupp was born; 24. Frequent flier; 25. What an only child lacks; 28. “The Cryptogram” playwright, 1995; 34. PayPal transactions, e.g.; 35. Lock; 36. Welsh word in a Pennsylvania college name; 37. Held back; 38. “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” singer; 43. Subj. of Stansfield Turner’s “Burn Before Reading”; 44. Attain success; 45. A term may end with one; 46. Full-blown; 50. Malicious sort; 52. Arthur who wrote “The Symbolist Movement in Literature”; 53. Part of the American Greetings logo; 54. 1950 film noir. — DOWN: 1. Milky drink; 2. Cover; 3. Bathroom door sign; 5. Caddy, e.g.; 6. Clairvoyance and such; 8. Ecclesiastical council’s formulation; 9. Embroidery expert; 10. Black ___; 13. Puts up a fight; 26. “Vexations” composer; 27. Mouse lookalike; 30. ___ Man, commercial symbol since the 1950s; 31. Dumbarton ___ Conference (1944 meeting that laid the groundwork for the U.N.);p 32. Three-time N.B.A. Coach of the Year; 33. Monitor toppers; 37. High-strung items?; 39. Slush Puppie alternative; 40. Like horses; 42 Series opener; 44. Leave destitute; 45. Unimpressive attire; 47. 1969 bed-in participant; 49. Roman I.

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