12.22.10 — All in a Day's Work

Red-tailed Hawk, photo © 2007 Derek Ramsey


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Puzzle by Michael Sharp, edited by Will Shortz 

ALL IN (63A. Poker phrase … or what’s needed to complete the answers to the six starred clues), FAVOR (1A. *Cry at the start of a vote), GOOD TIME (20A. *”Soon enough, my friend”), ONE (36A. *As a package), YOUR HEAD (52A. * Completely imagined), THE FAMILY (11D. *Top-rated TV series of 1971-76) and A DAY’S WORK (32D. *To be expected) are the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — 12D. Madden, INFURIATE; 31D. General played by Fonda (in 1976), Peck (1977) and Olivier (1982), MACARTHUR; 23D. Brand of 45-Down balls, NERF and SPONGY; 41D. U.S.S. Enterprise helmsman, SULU and 55A. Kirk’s foe in a “Star Trek sequel, KHAN.

Six- and seven-letter — ABELARD (26A. French theologian who wrote “Sic et Non“), ARSENIO (46A. Hall of TV fame), DEERES, LARAMIE (29A. Seat of Albany County, Wyo.), LAY DOWN, MARS BAR, OO LA LA (10D. “How lu-u-uxurious!”), PACMAN, PRO RATA, RED TAIL (5D. Common North American hawk), SMALLS, SPRYER, TWINKLE (40D. Glimmer).

Five — AEIOU and AERIE, DETER, FERAL, FROGS, ODEON, OILED, RAIMI (49D. Sam who directed “Drag Me to Hell”), READE, SCALA, SNAFU, TE AMO, TWEEN (51A. Many a Justin Bieber fan), TE AMO, VALOR.

Short stuff — ACA, ALEE and ALTE, ANA, ARF, ARKS, ASHE, ASIA, BONE, BTEN, CADY, CERF, CHER, CNN, EDGY, FINN, FLY (28D. Pass muster), FRO, HEEL, HUD, IAT, INNS, LEFT, LIE (8D. Taradiddle), LUNG, PALM, PLO, PURE, ODED, OENO, OH NO (16A. “This is terrible!”), OTIS, SHOR, SOT, SPA, SUR and SURF, YANG.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Tree in California; 10. Soulful Redding; 14. Duane ___ (New York City pharmacy chain); 15. Land west of the Pacific; 17. Greased; 18. “Believe” singer, 1999; 19. Liberals, with “the”; 22. Big mess; 24. “Bien ___!”; 25. Former “S.N.L.” comic Gasteyer; 28. Jean Sibelius, for one; 30. Biggie ___ (rapper a k a Notorious B.I.G.); 33. Bennett of “What’s My Line?”; 34. “Am ___ risk?”; 35. Women’s rights pioneer Elizabeth ___ Stanton; 37. Old man: Ger.; 38. Here, in Juárez; 39. Bomber type; 41. More agile; 43. Relinquish, as arms; 45. Move from site to site; 47. Oslo Accords party, for short; 48. One way to sway; 54. Restaurateur Toots; 57. Lofty dwelling; 58. Unadulterated; 59. Alveoli site; 60. “I love you,” in a telenovela; 61. Sacred chests; 62. Tense. DOWN: 1. Aristophanes comedy with “The”; 2. Alphabetic pentad; 3. Bravery; 4. Took too much; 6. Iconic chomper; 7. New York stadium eponym; 9. Classic candy with nougat; 13. Lush; 21. Quaint lodgings; 26. Direction at sea; 27. Block; 30. Where “Otello” premiered, with “La”; 33. MSNBC competitor; 36. Vintner’s prefix; 37. Terrier’s sound; 39. Exemplar of dryness; 42. How some wages are calculated; 44. Popular tractors; 48. Untamed; 50. Classic theater; 52. Masculine side; 53. Cad; 54. Where the robed are rubbed; 56. Movie for which Patricia Neal won Best Actress.

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