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Eugène Delacroix. Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard. 1839. Oil on canvas. Louvre, Paris, France


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Puzzle by Charles Deber, edited by Will Shortz

NOT TO BE (38A. Ill-fated .. Or a hint for answering the six starred clues), THAT REMAINS SEEN (17A. *”I don’t know yet!”), BORN WILD (24A. *1968 #2 hit heard in “Easy Rider”), IT HAD YOU (50A *1924 Isham Jones/Gus Kahn song), YOU’VE GOT KIDDING (58A. *”No WAY!”), I WANT ALONE (3D. *Memorable movie quote of 1932) and LUCKY ALIVE (30D. *Like someone who’s had a narrow escape) are the interrelated group of this effervescent Thursday crossword.

Other — BYRONIST (39D. Certain English poetry scholar), ETOILES (21A. Ballet headliners), GRIEVES (42D. Feels a loss), INSIDER (10D. Person with special access), NESTLED (26D. Snug, as in bed), ONE TO TWO (5D. Length in years of a lenient sentence, maybe), PAMELAS (53A. Hollywood’s Anderson and Reed).

Mid-size — ASIANS, 8D. Arthur Miller play “A VIEW From the Bridge”, 51D. “That’s A SORE subject”; GRITS, EXERTS, LESION, LUELLA (29A. English fashionista Bartley), NAÏVE, NETTLE, ON BASE, ORVAL, PREMIX, SHAGGY, SINGE, SOLUTE, TRUES, YEAST.

Short stuff — “Yo te AMO”, AMT, ANS, AOUT, ARIA, ARTY, ATEE, BEL, CSI, EARS, GRR, INKY, KIA, KNEE, KTS, LEER, Bryn MAWR, MUNI, NEE, NEIL, NOEL, NONE, NYET (20A. Comment put in by Putin, perhaps), NRA, OPT, OTIS, OVER, PYRO, RAH and RAM, REATA, REBA, RUNE, SUED, TIA Maria, TOKAY (35D. Sweet wine of Hungary), VIA, WAST, YENS, YON.

I never said, 'I want to be alone.' I only said, 'I want to be let alone.' There is all the difference. ~ Greta Garbo


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. “Caro nome,” for one; 5. Gov. Faubus in Arkansas history; 10. Black; 15. Unsuspecting; 16. Second to ___; 22. Decide to take, with “for”; 27. Grp. At home on the range?); 28. To ___ (just so); 33. Air or ami preceder; 34. Biblical verb with “thou”; 36. Aligns; 40. Hit Jerry Bruckheimer TV drama; 41. Scorch; 43. Boozer; 44. Sportage maker; 45. Applies; 46. They may be boxed; 49. Over there; 52. Interview part: Abbr.; 56. Diamond on a record player; 63. Character in “Beowulf”; 64. Alternative to hash browns; 65. Through; 66. People mover since 1853; 67. Vintner’s need; 68. What a rake may do. — DOWN: 1. Tsp. or tbsp.; 2. When repeated, excited; 4. Like many a gallerygoer; 6. Head of the Egyptian god Amun; 7. Thorough; 9. Soup variety; 11. Good name for someone born on Dec. 25; 12. What might give a physical reaction?; 13. Wishes; 18. Old WB sitcom; 19. Substance in a chemistry experiment; 22. In a position to steal; 23. Blend before using; 25. Vaquero’s rope; 26. Snug , as in bed; 31. Wound; 32. Chinese, e.g.; 38. Irk; 42. Feels a loss; 46. Hirsute; 48. Took to court; 53. Fire starter?; 54. Follower of jullet; 55. San Francisco’s public transit system, with “the”; 57. Favorite; 60. Pawn jumpers: Abbr.; 61. Formerly; 62. [Mumble, mumble].

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