01.19.11 — Gee Whiz!

Erté, The Letter G from The Alphabet Suite


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puzzle by Kristian House, edited by Will Shortz

GEE WHIZ (37A. Beaver Cleaver expletive ... or what you might need to be to answer 18-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across?), along with GMAIL ROOM (18A. Part of the house where one might check Google messages?), G-MAN OVERBOARD (23A. Cry for help on an F.B.I. cruise?), G-STRING THEORY (51A. Guess as to how the thong came to exist?) and G-SUIT CASE (60A. Where Neil Armstrong might store his gear?) constitutes the interrelated group of this whizbang Wednesday crossword.

Other — AGLETS, AIRDROP, AMNESIA (47A. Dory‘s affliction in “Finding Nemo“), BESTIAL (43D. Inhuman), BLOODLUST (11D. Rambo‘s drive), CHEERIO (46D. “Toodle-oo!”), LOZENGE, MAGNET (6D. Word with babe or bar), RAIN GAUGE (33D. Meteorologist‘s tool), UNROLLS.

Five-letter — ACT AS, AGREE, AMANA, AMAZE, ARMOR, DRILL, HI MOM (2D. Bleachers sign), IDOLS, JOEYS, LIMOS, NASAL, OLIVE, OVATE (56A. Like a prefall Humpty Dumpty), RELAY, RIVAL, SHALT, SLANG, YELLS.

Short stuff — ABBY, ALDA, ALE, ANO, ARCH, AREA, ARI, AVA, BIOL, BUSH, CFO, DRIB, DRJ, Gen. Robert E LEE, EMIR, ESAI, EXEL, FRAT, GERM, GNAT (27A. Punkie), ILIA, LEA, LIAR, LPGA, MAST, MSN, NONE (20A. Number of trades Jack is a master of), OGRE (56D. “Fee fi fo fum“ sayer), OILS, ONE G and ONE I, OSE, OWN, PUPA, RIGA (64A. Latvia‘s capital), RTE, SATS, SEA (8D. Deep blue), SGT, Mai TAI, Lao TSE, V-SIX, YAMS, ZACH.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Old Testament verb; 6. Locale for a lashing; 10 Ann’s advice-giving sister; 14. Prom rentals; 15. Locale; 16. Hip bones; 17. Leave slack-jawed; 21. Enero through diciembre; 22. Some winners on a Fox talent show; 28. Puts down, as the red carpet; 31. Reach a concord; 34. Carbohydrate suffix; 35. Stage that includes a cocoon; 36. Grazing site; 41. Pepper’s rank: Abbr.; 42. Wee bit; 44. AOL rival; 45. Substitute for; 49. Half of a McDonald’s logo; 58. Pale pub potable; 63. Part of basketball practice; 65. Kegger locale; 66. Coke, to Pepsi; 67. Basketball All-Star Nick Van ___; 68. Lubricates; 69. Kangaroo babies. — DOWN: 1. Some teen talk; 3. Appliance brand; 4. Sore throat soother; 7. Knight’s gear; 10. Certain plane delivery; 12. H.S. science class; 13. Candied dish; 19. Teller of tales; 21. One of Frank’s exes; 24. A thousand bucks; 25. Political family name; 26. “The ___ Love”; 29. Org. for Michelle Wie; 30. Info on college applications; 31. Alan who was born Alphonso D’Abruzzo; 32. Lysol target; 34. Admit, with “up”; 38. Mideast ruler; 39. “NYPD Blue” actor Morales; 40. Actor Galifianakis of “The Hangover”; 48. Leave in; 49. Shoelace tips; 50. U.S. 1, for one: Abbr.; 52. Like Bob Dylan’s voice; 53. Green shade; 54. Bit of electrical work; 55. Hollers; 57. Kind of engine; 61. Corp. V.I.P.; 62. N.L. West team, on scoreboards; 63. Onetime Sixers great.

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