01.14.11 — TAXIS / XAXIS

Taxis, photograph by Josh Haner,The New York Times


Friday, January 14, 2011

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith, edited by Will Shortz

Six fifteen-letter across entries are the main feature of this Friday crossword — SECOND CLASS MAIL (1. It’s now called “Periodicals”), ON ONE’S HIGH HORSE (16. Uppity), A LITTLE LEARNING (17. Dangerous thing?), NAUTICAL ALMANAC (60. Navigator’s aid), GENERAL INTEREST (65. Broad appeal) and ENGLAND AND WALES (66. Union of 1284).

Other — AGENT (9D. Means), COIN DEALER (3D. One who knows the value of a dollar), DREAM (24D. Oivernight sensation), ENLIVENED (2D. Spiced up), Violinist/bandleader ENOCH Light, KILOS, MAKE A CASE (36D. Argue (for)), MILK SHAKE (44A. Frosty’s relative), NEGLECTS (41D. Overlooks), ON A STREAK (32A. Hot),ONE LIRA, SAVER, SCALD, SHARIF, SHRINER, SOLAR PANEL (31D. Green energy source), SO AND SOS (1D. Jerks), TOUCAN (47D. Bird on a Kellogg’s cereal box) and the pair of TAXIS and XAXIS (38A. Hotel waiters?; 29D. Base line).

Short stuff — ADD, AMT, ANN, ARIZ, CAEN, CHE, CLAN, DART, DEVO, DSL, DVD, ELIA, FENS, ICK, INGE, INRI, ISNO, KUNG fu, LEGO (15D. Big name in construction), LILI, LTD, LUCE (57A. Time starter), MARX, MEW, MON, NET, NINO, ONTO, PACE, PAL, PARA, REG, RENT, REOS, ROOM, SAX and SEX, SEE, SELA, SKYE, SOYA, TEL, TINE, ZOO (20A. Pandemonium).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. Muchacho; 19. Cross letters; 21. Blue-ray relative; 22. Interject; 25. Part of a farm harrow; 27. Go out with; 28. “The Poverty of Philosophy” author; 30. Peaty places; 35. Blueprint feature; 37. Ward of Hollywood; 40. Genealogist’s study; 42. Robotic rock group popular in the 1980s; 46. Cost of living?; 48. Kind of bean; 49. Std.; 50. Auburn competitors; 52. Survey check-off; 53. Ace; 54. “That’s nasty!”; 59. R.I.P. part. DOWN: 4. Not had by; 5. Pocket; 6. Cable alternative; 7. 1969 biopic starring 10-Down; 8. Taylor of “The Haunting”; 10. Star of 7-Down; 11. Fez wearer; 12. Calendar abbr.; 13. Mex. Neighbor; 14. “This ___ joke!”; 22. Quantity: Abbr.; 23. Zip; 31. Green energy source; 33. Pack rat; 34. Bust finds; 36. Argue (for); 39. Island along Cuillin Sound; 41. Overlooks; 43. 100 centesimi; 51. Burn; 54. “Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff” novelist; 55. Normandy city; 58. “All Fool’s Day” writer; 59. Chute opener?; 61. ___ el Amarna, Egypt; 62. Author Beattie; 63. Former Ford; 64. Small gull.

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