01.30.11 — The Year of the Rabbit


Sunday, January 30, 2011

CIRCLE OF LIFE, Puzzle by Kevin G. Der and Jessica A. Hui, edited by Will Shortz

CHINESE ZODIAC (41D. Collection of animals featured in this puzzle), TWELVE-YEAR CYCLE (77A. What the 41-Down has), along with twelve squares arranged in a circle containing the names of animals representing the Chinese zodiac, e.g., monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse and ram, constitutes the main feature of this clever and timely Sunday crossword.  However, the puzzle is oversized and contains more than a fair share of fragmentation, abbreviations, partials and general short stuff.  Oh well... happy New Year!

Across — 1. Rum, vodka and orange juice drink, BRASS [MONKEY]; 7. “Little” barnyard bird with an alliterative name in a classic Willie Dixon blues song, RED [ROOSTER]; 11. “Let me think …”, HMM; 14. Costume party accessory, WIG; 127. Pope after Marinus I, ADRIAN III; 20. Trying, VEXATIOUS; 22. Turner of records, IKE; 23. Felt like forever, DRAGGED ON; 24. Interludes, ENTR’ ACTES; 25. Cultural grp., NEA; 26. Viewable, to a camera operator, INF[RAM]E; 27. Author Marsh, NGAIO; 29. EarthLink and others, ISPS; 30. Result of turning the corner?, [DOG] EAR; 31. Became annoyed, GOT SORE; 34. New England’s Cape ANN; 35. Roman 1,150, MCL; 37. Detached, ALOOF; 39. Public person?, NOTARY; 41. Pillow talk?, COOS; 42. Cage in Hollywood, NICOLAS; 45 Fellowship foes, ORCS; 49. So-called “Heart of Texas”, WACO; 50. Eschew, SHUN; 51. “See you then!”, IT’S A DATE; 52. Famous fiddler, NERO; 53. Words to a traitor, ET TU; 54. Steering system parts, TIE RODS; 56. “ESTA bien” (Spanish for “It’s good”); 57. Bit of a muscle car’s muscle, [HORSE]POWER; 59. INJUN Joe, “Tom Sawyer” character; 61. Do-do connector, AS I; 62. Looney Tunes character with a snout, PORKY [PIG]; 64. Fashionista’s concern, BRAND; 65. Abide, ENDURE; 66. Surprise visitors, DROP-INS; 68. British isle, AIT; 69. Suffix with torrent, IAL; 71. Driller’s letters, DDS; 72. Poker declaration, I CALL; 73. Pound sound, GRR; 767. Top-rated show of 2002-05, CSI; 77. What the 41-Down has, TWELVE-YEAR CYCLE; 82. Pooh’s young pal, ROO; 83. Mauna KEA; 84. Land of Ephesians, IONIA; 85. When doubled, first name in old Hollywood, ZSA; 86. Spanish “that”, ESA; 87. ABO system (way of classifying blood); 88. Most divine, HOLIEST; 90. Rattletrap, OLD CAR; 93. Cobra product, VENOM; 95. Cobra products [SNAKE] SKINS; 98. Ariz. Neighbor, NEV; 99. Swingers in a saloon, DOORS; 100. Person who likes the blues?, DEMOC[RAT]; 101. Mottled, PIED; 102. Soldier’s meal container, MESS TIN; 104. Very, OH SO; 106. Palliative plant, ALOE; 107. Winter Olympics performance since 1976, ICE DANCE; 110. Den HAAG, Nederland; 111. Ubangi tributary, UELE; 112. Phalanx’s weaknesses, GAPS; 113. Thinned out, TAPERED; 114. Driller’ s letters, ROTC; 115. Facing, with “from”, ACROSS; 117. Halved, IN TWO; 118. Be shy, OWE; 119. “What?!”, HUH; 120. Serves, WAITS ON; 125. King Arthur’s family name, PEN[DRAGON]; 127. Make out, in York, SNOG; 129. Old saw, MAXIM; 131. With craft F[OX]ILY; 132. Getup, RIG; 133. Italian liqueurs, AMARETTOS; 136. Strip in a darkroom, NEGATIVES; 139. “The Lovely Bones” composer, 2009, ENO; 140. Topic at an owners/players meeting, SALARY CAP; 141. Heyday, GOLDEN AGE; 142. Source of enlightenment, ZEN; 143. Terminal, END; 144. 1960 Updike novel [RABBIT] RUN; 145. Four-time Masters winner, [TIGER] WOODS.

Down — 1. Two-letter combinations, BIG[RAM]S; 2. Continue, as an uncontrolled fire, RAGE ON; 3. Most common draw in Scrabble, AN A; 4. Comic Caesar, SID; 5. Prior in “The Da Vinci Code”, SION; 6. Tomfoolery, [MONKEY]ING AROUND; 7. City NNE of Tahoe, RENO; 8. Bus. Line, EXT; 9. Patriotic women’s org., DAR; 10. Wakes thrown up behind speedboats, [ROOSTER] TAILS; 11. Revealing 1970s wear, HOTPANTS; 12. Cereal mixes, MUESLIS; 13. Ed.’s work pile, MSS; 14. Portable red or white holder, WINE FLASK; 15. Low-priced furniture source, IKEA; 16. Tent or sleeping bag, e.g., GEAR; 17. Take A DIG at (insult); 18. 1962 action film set in Jamaica, DR NO; 19. Finnish transport?, RAFT; 20. Mark in marble, VEIN; 21. Suffix with rhythm, ICS; 28. Whichever, ANY; 30. Samaritans, [DOG]OODERS; 32. Galley figure, ROWER; 33. State in French, ETAT; 35. Peeved pout, MOUE; 36. Hotelier Hilton, CONRAD; 38. South American tuber, OCA; 40. Be part of, as a film, ACT IN; 41. Collection of animals featured in this puzzle, CHINESE ZODIAC; 43. Lawyer: Abbr., ATTY; 44. Fat underwater creature, SEA[PIG]; 45. Like a Mountie, ON [HORSE]BACK; 46. Musical echo, REPRISE; 47. Dalmatian’s home, CROATIA; 48. Like wild oats, SOWN; 51. Dumbness, IDIOCY; 55. Foppish courtier in “Hamlet”, OSRIC; 58. It may be limited or late, EDITION; 60. Revelation comes after it, JUDE; 62. Doctor’s orders, PILLS; 63. Away for a while, ON LEAVE; 65. 1985 John Malkovich drama, ELENI; 67. Reggie Miller, for one, PACER; 70. People leaving the company?, AWOLS; 73. Breakfast in a bar, GRANOLA; 74. High-tech officer in film, ROBOCOP; 75. Hotel figures, ROOM [RAT]ES; 78. Mortgage holder, e.g., LIENEE; 79. Florist’s supply, VASES; 80. Comparable in reach, AS LONG; 81. “Hair” co-writer James RADO; 88. See 91-Down, HIDDEN [DRAGON]; 89. Pilot program?, TV SHOW; 91. With 88-Down, 2000 Ang Lee film, CROUCHING [TIGER]; 92. One of the tribes of Israel, ASHER; 94. Online publication, for short, E-MAG; 95. Place where a person may be bitten, [SNAKE]PIT; 96. Director Vittorio De SICA; 97. Sticking with it, KEEPING ON; 100. DOES A number on (mentally abuses),; 102. Noted Ronald MCDONALD; 103. London tourist stop, TATE; 105. Dull, SLOW; 108. Works at a museum, ART; 109. Blitzer, e.g., NEWSMAN; 114. Much-wanted toon in Toontown, ROGER [RABBIT]; 115. Dumas’s “La Dame AUX Camelias”; 118. Combed (through), SIFTED; 119. Lock plate, HASP; 121. Cobra products, T[OX]INS; 122. Hindu deity, SIVA; 123. Designer Cassini, OLEG; 124.Nasdaq alternative, NYSE; 125. W. or J.F.K., PREZ; 128. A, to Zimmermann, EINE; 128. 60 minuti, ORA; 129. Grouse, MOAN; 130. MEOW Mix; 133. Enzyme ending, ASE; 134. Norse war god, TYR; 135. The Horned Frogs, for short, TCU; 137. Mop & GLO; 138. Something about nothing?, ADO.


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Anonymous said...

Correction of typo in first description but not found in puzzle answer.

3. Most common draw in Scrabble, AN A;

should be

3. Most common draw in Scrabble, AN E;