01.28.11 — TEMPEST

Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee, 1633, Rembrandt Van Rijn


Friday, January, 28, 2011

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz

Vague clues clashing against the results, results in this tempest-in-a-teapot last-Friday-in-January crossword.

Across — 1. Run in two places at once, SIMULCAST; 10. Savannah growth, COPSE; 15. Nut’s suggestion, CRAZY IDEA; 16. Home of Creighton University, OMAHA; 17. Station finder, RADIO DIAL; 18. Iron Age people, MEDES; 19. Mythical mortal who helped raise Dionysus, INO; 20. Aye’s opposite, poetically, NE'ER; 21. Used the same name, WENT BY; 22. See 49-Down; 24. Out of top form, RUSTY; 26. 1925 Literature Nobelist, SHAW; 27. Cartoon series, PANELS; 29. Middle of summer?, EMS; 31. Frog-eating bird, ANI; 32. Tangle, SNAFU; 33. Temperature, e.g., VITAL SIGN; 36. Herpetologist’s supply, ANTI-VENOM; 38. Some island dwellers, CASTAWAYS; 41. French for “clog”, SABOT; 45. Washington Irving hero, informally, RIP; 46. Father, e.g.: Abbr., REL; 47. Vigil locale, SHRINE; 48. What some veterans recall, IRAQ; 50. Japanese brew, ASAHI; 53. Burst, TEEM; 54. X’d, STRUCK; 56, More than surprise, DAZE; 58. What you may do when you’re beat, NAP; 59. Sunbathing spot, PATIO; 60. Bob Fosse specialty, JAZZ DANCE; 62. Not rounded, EXACT; 63. Minor restrictions, AGE LIMITS; 64. Two-bit, DINKY; 65. Dead duck’s cry, WE’RE TOAST.

Down — 1. Doesn’t blow dough, SCRIMPS; 2. Like much oil, IRANIAN; 3. One often seen with her child, MADONNA; 4. Magazine holder, UZI; 5. Lord LYON (overseer of Scottish heraldry); 6. Press releases?, CIDERS; 7. Literally, “to God”, ADIEU; 8. Brands … or carrier of brands, SEARS; 9. TAL vez (Mexican “Maybe”); 10. Take place, COME; 11. Forecaster’s concerns, OMENS; 12. Dish topped with crushed peanuts, PAD THAI; 13. Ball of wax, SHEBANG; 14. Romp, EASY WIN; 21. Longtime Rolling Stones bassist, WYMAN; 23. Trim, in a way, DEFAT; 25. Parisian thinkers?, TETES; 28. Like the Bay of Rainbows, LUNAR; 30. Washing machine sound, SLOSH; 33. Glasses for a scientist, VIALS; 34. It creeps up, IVY; 35. Upper-class?, SMART; 37. Small change, TWEAK; 38. Like rice in some cereal treats, CRISPED; 39. On demand flier, AIR TAXI; 40. One of 300 at Thermopylae, SPARTAN; 42. Stretches between Ryder Cups, BIENNIA; 43. Plays without a break, ONE ACTS; 44. Nautical danger, TEMPEST; 47. Thing often heard in short order?, SIZZLE; 49. With 22-Across, genius’s asset, QUICK; 51. It may become a cliché, ADAGE; 52. “Animal House” figure, HAZER; 55. President after Auriol, COTY; 57. Better papers?, EDIT; 60. Hook connection point, JAW; 61. “Just A MO” (“Hold on”).


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