01.04.11 — Palindromania!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Puzzle by David Hanson, edited Will Shortz

PALINDROMIC WORD (37A. What every answer on the perimeter of this puzzle is), and clockwise on the perimeter, DAD, LEVEL, SOLOS, SIS, REDDER, TOOT, TAT, TENET, MINIM, MOM, PIPPIP and DEED are the interrelated group of this clever Tuesday crossword constructed by a retrosorter without a trace of aibohphobia.

1A: The old man (DAD)
4A: Like a pool table, ideally (LEVEL)
9A: Flights like Lindy's (SOLOS)
13D: One in the family, informally (SIS)
28D: More visibly ashamed (REDDER)
53D: Barfly's binge (TOOT)
65A: Repeated machine gun sound (TAT)
64A: Guiding principle (TENET)
63A: 1/60 fluid dram (MINIM)
54D: Partner of baseball and apple pie (MOM)
29D: Brit's "Goodbye!" ("PIP, PIP!")
1D: Something good for a Boy Scout? (DEED)

Other — ACES OUT (50A. Gets the best of, in slang), CACHEPOT (39D. Decorative plant holder), CAUTERIZE (322A. Burn, as a wound), DIETARY fiber, I’M TELLING (43A. Schoolyard snitch’s words), LENA OLIN (4D. “Chocolat” actress), RAWNESS (33D. Lack of experience), SAMAOANS (24D. Margaret Mead interviewees), TEA TIME (21D. 4:00 P.M., traditionally).

Mid-size — ACUTE, ADD UP, ANNIE, AZARIA, CARLIN, CESAR, DALEY, EVADE, EVERS, IS IT I (34A. Last Supper query), can it be a palindrome if it answers itself?, L’CHAIM (44D. Bar mitzvah toast), LIE TO, MAORI and MARIA, NERTS, NUTMEG (25D. Eggnog sprinkling), OLAF I, Pontius PILATE, PITONS (26D. Rock climbers‘ spikes), PUPAL, SMUDGE, TUTSI (22D. People of Rwanda), Is Tut Tutsi?, URGES, U S ARMY.

Remaining short stuff — ACT I, ADEN, AHS, ALI and ALT, ALAE, AMTS, BRO, CENS, DIE, DUCE, ECU, EDT, EOS, ETC, ISO, LES Miz“, LOG, OARS, OBIT, ORE, PAR, PYE, RAN, SNUG (24A. Like a bug in a rug), TDS, URSA Major, VARY, WHY, WIFI.

We eat, therefore we hunt. ~ Sarah Palin


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 14. French coin of old; 15. Fail to pay, as taxes; 16. Native New Zealanders; 17. Yadda, yadda, yadda: Abbr.; 18. “Dang it!”; 19. “Primitive” feelings; 22. QB’s successes; 23. Dawn goddess; 26. Two, for many minigolf holes; 29. Postlarval; 35. Quantities: Abbr.; 36. Not much; 40. Brit’s baby buggy; 41. Wings, in zoology; 42. Musical featuring “Tomorrow”; 45. Activist Chávez; 46. English poet laureat Henry James ___; 47. Millennium divs.; 48. Exclamations of understanding; 49. Reporter’s question; 54. Tony’s “West Side Story” love; 57. Make sense; 59. One in the family, informally; 60. Norwegian king until A.D. 1000; 61. Be dishonest with; 62. Equal: Prefix. — DOWN: 2. Stage opening; 3. Il___ (Mussolini); 5. Civil rights leader Medgar; 6. Results may do this, in commercials; 7. Summer N.Y. hrs.; 9. Makeup mishap; 10. Sculler’s gear; 11. Trucker’s record; 12. Vein contents; 27. “The Simpsons” voice man Hank; 30. G.I.’s org.; 32. Comic who quipped “Weather forecast for tonight: dark”; 33. Lack of experience; 38. Family name in Chicago politics; 48. Like a 45° or 60° angle; 49. Internet café connection; 50. Yemeni port; 51. Black-bordered news item; 55. Induction-refusing boxing champ; 56. Hightailed it; 57. Key near the space bar; 58. Fizzle out.

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