01.01.11 — A New Beginning

Sunrise on New Year's Day over Tokyo Bay on January 1, 2011. AFP Photo Kazuhiro Nogi, AFP, Getty Images


Saturday, January 1, 2011 — New Year's Day

Puzzle by Mark Diehl, edited by Will Shortz

Welcome to day one of the new year…

Across — 1. Star of India, once. SABU; 5. Concert spectacles, LIGHT SHOWS; 15. 29-year Knesset member, EBAN; 16. “Prêt-à-Porter” actress, ANOUK AIMEE; 17. Material for a suit?, TORT; 18. Convention fighter, ICONOCLAST; 19. Ring bearer, TREE TRUNK; 21. “Roots” name, KUNTA; 22. It’s free in Paris, LIBRE; 23. Hazardous obstruction, REEF; 25. Humidifier output, MIST; 26. It often gets fed, EGO; 27. Where the biblical lost tribes were held captive, ASSYRIA; 30. N.Y.P.D. descriptor, FINEST; 32. Cry to get 40-Across, SEND HELP; 37. What Taft, Hoover and Carter each had, ONE TERM; 39. Gave a face-lift, DID OVER; 40. People with saving accounts?, RESCUERS; 42. “Rock Me TONITE” (1984 hit); 43. One worth of emulation, PARAGON; 45. Simon & Schuster’s parent, CBS; 46. Opposite of 4-Down, UBER; 50. Tunnel creator, MOLE; 51. Leaving lines, TATAS; 53. Order in a rush order, TODAY; 55. Barn dance accessory, BANJO PICK; 57. Onetime Chevy Blazer competitor, ISUZU RODEO; 59. Mythological trickster who was punished by being held to a rock, LOKI; 60. Steam roller?, LOCOMOTIVE; 61. Peck, e.g., UNIT; 62. What loaded people have, EXTRA MONEY; 63. Strings used in payroll depts., SSNS.

Down — 1. Take, finally, SETTLE FOR; 2. Native, ABORIGINE; 3. Far from frilly, BARE BONES; 4. Opposite of 46-Across, UNTER; 5. Spot of seclusion, LAIR; 6. Racks up, INCURS; 7. Dingbats, GOONEYS, or perhaps an albatross; 8. Dug in, with “down”, HUNKERED; 9. What stops swings, briefly, TKO; 10. Give the heave-ho, SACK; 11. Area where blood vessels enter an organ, HILUM; 12. Sur citizen, OMANI; 13. Bridge openers, WESTS; 14. Rip into, SET AT; 20. Make stand on end, as hair, TEASE UP; 24. “That’s it!”, FINITO; 28. Course, STREAM; 29. Pad, ADD ONTO; 31. “That sorta thing”, ETC; 33. Pumpkin, HON; 34. People are not 35-Down after these occur, EVICTIONS; 35. See 34-Down, LET BACK IN; 36. Publicists’ preparations, PRESS KITS; 38. Hit from the 1983 platinum album “Kilroy Was Here”, MR ROBOTO; 41. Sultan who captured Jerusalem in 1187, SALADIN; 44. Palais des Nations setting, GENEVE; 46. Not worthless, UTILE; 47. Yanks’ foes, BOSOX; 48. Drawn-out chemical, EDUCT; 49. It may cut things close, RAZOR; 52. Educational ideal, A-PLUS; 54. Arizona county or its seat, YUMA; 56. Bouncing baby, JOEY; 58. Kind of chip, ROM.

One down... 364 to go!


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