01.20.11 — Reflections

Computer panel reflections on the helmet of Dave, 2001: A Space Odyssey


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Puzzle by Michael Shteyman, edited by Will Shortz

SOCIAL SECURITY / ADMINISTRATION (20A. With 54-Across, opposite of 18-Across) and ASS (18A. Fool), ROYAL AIR FORCE (35A. Opposite of 32-Down) and FAR (32D. Much), MISSING IN ACTION (7D. Opposite of 58-Across) and AIM (58D. It may be taken at a gun range), e.g., backward abbreviations of SSA, RAF and MIA,constitutes the interrelated group of this confusing Thursday crossword.

Other — AGORA, ARGO and KRATER (1A. Ancient gathering place; 48A. Ancient Greek vessel; 12D. Bowl for mixing wine and water in ancient Greece), CARL ORFF (38D. “Carmina Burana” composer); DECAF and TASSE (31A. Tea option; 49D. Thé cup, maybe), ENGINEER (39D. Mastermind); GOES OVER (2D. Reviews); MAYO CLINIC (27D. World-famous institution in Rochester, Minn.); OPERA SERIA (10D. Many a Handel work); OSSO BUCO (3D. Veal shank dish in un ristorante); SHUI and VODKA (24A. Chinese for “water”; 9A. Drink whose name means “little water).

Mid-size — ANAIS; APNEA; ATARI; A TREE; ATTYS; BOSON (14A. Subatomic particle); CESTA (17A. Jai alai catcher); CHAFF and GAFFE, DATIVE, DIAL-UP; ERECT; GET AT; GIANT; HEAVES; INFRA; INSET; 36A. Painter Fra Filippo LIPPI; NORMAL; OH DEAR; OP ART; ORION (40A. Odysseus saw him as a shade in the underworld); PLAN A; REFER; REMADE; SADIE; SEANS; THE LIP (49A. Nickname for baseball’s Leo Durocher); VOGUE.

Short stuff — ABC (1D. 2 letters), ADA and AHA, AOL, COB and COD and CODA, DMV, EAR and ERA, FOG, III, I-TEN, KOA, LIE, III, ORC, OVUM, SAKS, SER, SNL, TOE, VISE.

Fifty years ago today...


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. ID card issuer; 15. “Rocky ___”; 16. Mesmerizing designs; 19. Insinuate; 23. Male swan; 26. Part of a preconception?; 28. It’s breath-taking; 30. To be, to Benicio; 33. Putting one’s foot in one’s mouth, e.g.; 41. Gulliver in Lilliput, e.g.; 43. Mythical monster; 45. First option; 51. End; 53. Fish tale, essentially; 57. Onetime Facebook president Parker and others; 59. Stumped, after “up”; 61. “All the King’s Men” woman; 62. Big camping inits.; 63. Send, as to a specialist; 64. Vertical; 65. NBC fixture since ‘75; 66. Prefix with sound. — DOWN: 4. March org.?; 5. Writer Nin; 6. Obsolescent alternative to broadband; 8. Woodworking class holder; 9. Ostensible backdrop of the 2003 roman à clef “The Devil Wears Prada”; 11. Kind of case; 13. Court figs.; 21. “Oh, I see”; 22. Worthless matter; 23. Cape ___; 29. Ring holder … or receiver?; 34. Flying hazard; 37. Instant messaging pioneer; 42. XXX part; 43. “This can’t be good”; 44. Newly fashioned; 46. Like a body temperature of 98.6°; 47. Org. that rates members of Congress on their liberalism; 50. Feature of many a ring; 52. Centipede maker; 55. Neiman Marcus competitor; 56. L.A.-to-Jacksonville rte.; 60. Time on earth.


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I don't get 42d. XXX part---TOE ?

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