12.24.11 — Bah, Humbug!

Saturday, December 24, 2011 — Christmas Eve

Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

With cruel useless clues, this joyless Christmas Eve Saturday crossword does as proud as the Grinch.

Across — 1. X-ed out?, SPREAD EAGLE; 12. Something turned under, HEM; 15. What may be visualized via bumper sticker?, WHIRLED PEAS; 16. Is for a few?, ARE; 17. Supplement that might cause a stink, OIL OF GARLIC; 18. “When 2 R IN Love” (1988 Prince song); 19. Motivator for Manolete, OLE; 20. Things you can bear, ARMS; 21. Suppressed, DAMPED; 23. Mexican cacti, PEYOTES; 25. Dessert served in a bowl, TAPIOCA; 26. 2006 Newberry winner Lynne RAE Perkins; 27. It replace Apple’s Quadra line, POWERMAC; 28. Problem with tight shoes, PINCH; 31. Tennis’s Zvonareva and others, VERAS; 32. Spaghetti end?, AN I; 33. Old Testament shepherd, AMOS; 34. Magnate who wrote “How to Be Rich”, GETTY; 35. Angel’s antithesis, BRAT; 36. Shouts in the ‘hood, YOS; 37. Mrs. Rajiv Gandhi, SONIA; 38. Without circumspection, LAXLY; 39. Steal away, SNEAK OUT; 41. Ox, LUG; 42. It’s metered, CAB RIDE; 43. Where rails come together, MARSHES; 47. Many stand-up lines, AD LIBS; 48. Drainer of most of Switzerland, AARE; 49. Shrinks’ grp., APA; 50. Piece of fiction, LIE; 51. Cry over spilled milk?, OOPSIE DAISY; 54. Loafer letters, EEE; 55. Neurologist, BRAIN DOCTOR; 56. Not automatic: Abbr., STD; 57. Doesn’t run over, STOPS ON TIME.

Down — 1. What hawks do, SWOOP; 2. Follower of Franco?, PHILE; 3. “My Philosofy” poet, RILEY; 4. Ranch extension?, ERO; 5. Palestinian group, AL FATAH; 6. Extent, DEGREE; 7. Some Dutch wheels, EDAMS; 8. Truth-in-lending figs., APRS; 9. Come together, GEL; 10. Stored, LAID AWAY; 11. Illusionist’s repertoire, in part, ESCAPES; 12. He “spoke” with horns and whistles, HARPO MARX; 13. The Seneca Chief was the first to travel its full length, ERIE CANAL; 14. Untruthfulness, MENDACITY; 22. Onetime Soyuz destination, MIR; 24. Foes of Frodo, ORCS; 25. Cake, in Cali, TORTA; 27. Little, in Lille, PETIT; 28. They’re often sliding for workers, PAY SCALES; 29. Party comment after “No thanks”, I’M ON A DIET; 30. Common sock damage, NOSE BLEED; 31. Where the show must go on?, VENUE; 34. Mensch, GOOD SORT; 35. First, second and third, but not fourth, BAGS; 37. Winter sport vehicles, SKIBOBS; 38. Tempted, LURED ON; 40. Cal-Nev-ARI; 41. Annual Jalapeño Festival site, LAREDO; 43. Sewer parts, MAINS; 44. Modern-day locale of the place where the Santa Maria ran aground in 1492, HAITI; 45 Oaks Stakes setting, EPSOM; 46. SAYRE fire (destructive 2008 blaze in Los Angeles); 48. Take A SIP (sample some); 52. Kung PAO chicken; 53. Be part of the picture, ACT.


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