12.16.11 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, December 16, 2011

Puzzle by Doug Peterson and Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Like Celsius, SWEDISH; 8. Alchemist’s goal, PANACEA; 15. Appalachian crossers, CONESTOGA WAGONS; 17. Like friendly acquaintances, ON SPEAKING TERMS; 18. Google Maps offering, ROUTE; 19. Prepare for gardening, maybe, KNEEL; 20. Last article in the Constitution, VII; 21. Striking things about rec rooms, CUES; 22. Creature on the New York coat of arms, EAGLE; 23. They’re grounded when they’re misbehaving, JETS; 24. Columbia HTS, Minn.; 25. Betrays one’s blue state, CRIES; 26. Four front?, PETIT; 27. Rat race remedy, briefly, R AND R; 28. Pariahs and others, CASTES; 29. Where to make tracks, STUDIO; 31. Drops for dirty clothes, CHUTES; 32. “Les Mots” autobiographer,1964, SARTRE; 33. Pieces for grilling, COALS; 36. Option for a seal, WAX; 39. Taiwan Strait city, AMOY; 40. Ascribe to, PIN ON; 41. Questionnaire info, DATE; 42. Big mouth, YAP; 43. Tons, A HEAP; 44. One may clash with another, COLOR; 45. Effect used to measure astronomical distances, STELLAR PARALLAX; 48. It does a body good, AEROBIC EXERCISE; 49. Galore, TO SPARE; 50. What brains do well on, IQ TESTS.

Down — 1. Leave a black mark on, say, SCORCH; 2. Carried the day, WON OUT; 3. Goes after, ENSUES; 4. Treas. And the like, DEPT; 5. “Ah”, I SEE; 6. Point on a line: Abbr., STA; 7. Japanese island, HOKKAIDO; 8. Triptych trio, PANELS; 9. “Well, golly”, AW GEE; 10. Fed., NATL; 11. Questionnaire info, AGE; 12. “Route 66” car, CORVETTE; 13. Rancors, ENMITIES; 14. Goal facilitators, ASSISTS; 16. Teriyaki ingredient, GINGER; 22. Orange half of a TV duo, ERNIE; 23. Cuts up, JESTS; 25. Training unit, CADRE; 26. “The Alchemist” novelist Coelho, PAULO; 27. Rough to drive on, perhaps, RUTTY; 28. Staples, e.g., CHAIN; 29. Daly City’s county, SAN MATEO; 30. Smokeys, so to speak, TROOPERS; 31. Volcano south of Quito, COTOPAXI; 32. Occupies, STAYS AT; 33. Cocktail party bite, CANAPE; 35. Kansas-Nebraska Act signer PIERCE; 36. Simpson who was Time’s first Woman of the Year, WALLIS; 37. Start of some salutes, A TOAST; 38. Loser at Salamis and Plataea, XERXES; 40. Rocker Liz PHAIR; 41. Sweet in music, DOLCE; 43. ALBA Longa, ancient city founded by the son of Aeneas; 44. Trolley, CART; 46. Cut back, LOP; 47. Like some univ. courses, REQ.


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