12.31.11 — Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Four 15-letter across answers are the main feature of this pleasant end-of-the-year crossword. Incidentally, check out Will Shortz on The Year in Puzzles.

REAL ESTATE TAXES (31. They’re often placed on parcels)
PRIVATE PRACTICE (39. Lawyer’s setup?)
MADE RESTITUTION (40. Righted wrongs)
STARTS SOMETHING (41. Picks a fight)

Other — AT THAT RATE (35D. “If things were to continue thus …“), BRIDE TO BE and MISS (61A. Shower head?; 6A. What a 61-Across will be called for only a little while longer), BUDGET CUTS (16D. Belt tightening), HEART SHAPE (28D. Feature of many a box of chocolates), IT’S A BLAST (15A. “This shindig rocks!“), KINGSOLVER (4D. Novelist whose character Adah speaks in palindromes), NEW GUINEA (18A. Part of Melanesia), TOGA PARTY (57A. Occasion to put on sheets).

The Return of the Prodigal Son (1773) by Pompeo Batoni

Mid-size — ADAPTORS, ADVERB, AEGIS, AMEND, AS YET, ATONE (62A. Right wrongs),  BET ON, CIVIL, ICONS, LATEX, MICRO (2D. Start that conveys very little?), MINIM (6D. Half note, in Britain), MOISTEST, NEATEN UP, OLIVE, ONE-CAR, ORIGAMI (19A. Subject for a folder), OVOID, PANEL, RETRIM, REXES (52A. Curly-furred cats), SCADS, SCION, SENDS, SNORE, SMOKE, SPARE ME, TESSIE, USERS manual.

Short stuff — AIDA, ALAS, DENE (29A. Sandy tract by the sea, to a Brit), ECON, ELSA, “Hoc ERAT in votis“, ESAU, GELS, ITE, NODS, NSA, OH I dunno …”, OMAR, OPUS (10A. One on a Liszt list), OTBS, RATS, ROT, RPMS, SAGA, SASH, SENG, SESS, SSW, STAB and STAT, STIR, TBA and TBAR, XIII.

Happy New Year!


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Sign of engine trouble; 14. Like some suits; 17. Computer screen; 21. Always or sometimes, say; 22. Approvals; 23. “The thoughtful soul to solitude retires” poet; 26. Gets set; 42. Rustle; 43. Wiretapping grp.; 44. Accessory that may have a state name on it; 47. Old Testament “man of the field”; 49. Lift, of a sort; 53 Like many garages; 55. Excuse-interrupting comment; 60. Primer option; 63. Psychiatrist’s appt.; 64. Turnovers, e.g.; 65. Posts. — DOWN: 1. Offshoot; 3. Like prickly pears; 5. Four-footed orphan of literature; 7. -nik kin; 8. Yemen-to-Zimbabwe dir.; 9. Continuing drama; 10. Food item often cut into rings; 11. Setting for instruments; 13. Skewer; 20. Like the best chicken or turkey, say; 24. Electrical accessories; 25. Crop further; 30. Unclutter; 31. CD rate?; 33. Slave singing several solos; 34. Red Sox anthem; 36. Number of one of the Olympics canceled due to W.W. II; 37. Study of some bubbles?: Abbr.; 38. Hong Kong’s Hang ___ index; 44. Large bore; 45. Umbrella; 46. Oodles; 48. Heretofore; 50. Back with bread; 51. Improve; 53. Parlors with TV screens: Abbr.; 54. Experiment runners?; 56. “Oh, cruel world …”; 58. Bushwa; 59. Sched. Letters.

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