12.07.11 — ESP

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

ZENER CARDS, 53A. Tools for ESP researchers (whose symbols are found at the ends of the answers to the five asterisked clues), along with BRAIN WAVES, 16A. *What an EEG reads; FULL CIRCLE, 28A. *Back to the beginning; RISING STAR, 38A. *Up-and-comer; DOUBLE CROSS, 10D. *Act of betrayal and TIMES SQUARE, 23D. *Scene of an annual ball-dropping, constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Other — A BIT OF, A FAR CRY, BBQ PIT, CAREEN, LESLEY, LET’S ROLL, NITPICK (34D. Sweat the small stuff, in a way), OPTS TO, PARLAY, PASSES AS (48A. Mimics convincingly), ROSE RED (40D. Sister of Snow White), SAWS OFF, TENACE, WHILST.

Five-letter — AKELA, ANAIS, ARENA, AT ALL, ATE UP, BLUTO (46. Wooer of Olive Oyl), BOSUN, CABLE, CAN IT, EBOLI, ELENA, ESTOS, GO MAD, INANE, LATER (21D. “Gotta run!”), LEVEL, LOTTA, LOUIS (50A. Boxing‘s Brown Bomber), PAN AM, PINCE-nez, RILEY, SALSA, STAIR, TYROS.

Short stuff — AOKI, APS, CENO, CIAO (59A. “Gotta run!”), DAM and DAR, EMMY, ETA, FUEL, GIT, GOTH, KGB, KNEW, LAT, NERO, NOR, ONE, OTT, PIC, PLEA bargain, PSEC, RIM, SAE, SOY, Chop SUEY, TOM, TURK, USAC Games, USSR, ZIG.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Had down; 5. Chips go-with; 10. Lineage-based women’s org.; 13. Person dressed in black; 14 Wolfed down; 15. Isao of golf; 18. Peat or propane; 19. Stahl of “60 Minutes”; 20. Dish alternative; 21. “Time to get moving!”; 24. Reinvest, as winnings; 25. Some, but not much; 27. Many a turkey; 33. Justice Kagan; 36. Enclosure with a ms.; 37. Newbies; 41. Polo Grounds great; 42. Way up or down; 43. Decides one will; 46. Pig roast spot, briefly; 51. Drive like a drunk; 52. Midget car-racing org.; 57. Ankara native; 58. Half-witted; 60. Unified; 61. Lose one’s marbles; 62. Small-screen award. — DOWN: 1. Putin’s former org.; 2. Scand. Land; 3. Capt.’s guess; 4. As long as, old-style; 5. Removes, as a branch; 6. Whatsoever; 7. Like a pool table, ideally; 9. H.S. courses for coll. Credit; 11. “The Jungle Book” wolf; 12. Easy life, personified; 15. Much removed (from); 17. Sleuth Wolfe; 20. “Zip your lips!”; 22. Christ’s literary stopping place; 24. Shot; 29. 1-Down’s land; 30. Long. Partner; 31. Bunch of, casually; 32. These, in Toledo; 35. Diarist Nin; 39. “Skedaddle!”; 44. Tiny fraction of a min.; 45. Bridge combo; 47. Merchant ship officer; 46. ___ Games (quadrennial event); 49. Boxing venue; 51. Prefix with -zoic; 53. Part of a slalom’s path; 54. What a swish shot doesn’t touch; 55. Hydroelectricity structure; 56. Faux meat base.

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