12.30.11 — Up the Wazoo

Coat Miner at the Port, 1930, Valentin Thibon de Libian


Friday, December 30, 2011

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Forcefulness, PUNCH; 6. Is a true believer in, SWEARS BY; 14. Moss source, SPORE; 15. Deposit remover?, COAL MINER; 16. Holder of legends, ATLAS; 17. What you might reach for after hearing “Don’t go anywhere!”, RADIO DIAL; 18. Drug distributors?, SHOTS; 19. Entertainment at a luau, UKES; 20. Look too closely, PRY; 21. Preparatory time, EVE; 22. Titled lady, PEERESS; 25. By area, the third-largest country in the E.U., SWED; 26. Some attorneys’ degs., LLDS; 27. Money in Manila, PESOS; 31. Some to hang with, PAL; 32. Primitive coat, PELT; 33. Show for which Jim Dale won the 1980 Tony for Best Actor in a Musical, BARNUM; 34. Kind of compound in chemistry, AZO; 35. Time in an airport, LAY-OVER; 37. Hearing opening?, OTO; 38. Landscaping plants, HOSTAS; 40. Big to-do?, TASK; 41. Shout with cupped hands, maybe, BOO; 42. Untagged, NOT IT; 43. “That’s so sad!”, OH NO; 44. Foil part, HAFT; 45. Most chic, TONIEST; 47. Auto loan fig., APR; 48. Drug sold under the brand name Retrovir, AZT; 51. Site of an 1815 escape, ELBA; 52. Almost catch, NIP AT; 54. Shoots at, FIRES UPON; 57. Coeur d’ALENE, Idaho; 58. Going around in circles?, ITINERANT; 59. Restricted parties, STAGS; 60. Alaska or Hawaii, TIME ZONE; 61. Problems with an argument, HOLES.

Down — 1. Some health warnings: Abbr., PSAS; 2. Plentifully, in slang, UP THE WAZOO; 3. Enmity, NO LOVE LOST; 4. In a box, CRATED; 5. Russian chemist with a law of thermodynamics, HESS; 6. Saturated, SOAKED TO THE BONE; 7. High boots for fishermen, WADERS; 8. One of Beethoven’s bagatelles is dedicated to her, ELISE; 9. Latin 101 word, AMO; 10. RID-X (septic treatment brand); 11. Impertinent one, SNIP; 12. Arduous challenge, BEAR; 13. Annual: Abbr., YRLY; 15. How Simon Cowell often critiques, CRUELLY; 22. Hearing responses, PLEAS; 23. Little starter, SPARK; 24. Spanish 101 verb, SER; 25. 1957 Cy Young Award winner, SPAHN; 28. What luxury goods have, SNOB APPEAL; 29. Nowhere close, OUT OF RANGE; 30. SMOOT-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930; 32. Academy head, PLATO; 33. Cloud the judgment of with alcohol, BESOT; 36. “Good Will Hunting” director, 1997, VAN SANT; 39. Small bird, TIT; 43. Bottom of a crankcase, OIL PAN; 44. Start of a presidential march, HAIL TO; 46 Prefix with chemical, NEURO; 48. Throw A FIT; 49. Tubular past, ZITI; 50. Edging, TRIM; 52. Humorist who wrote “Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long”, NASH; 53. One of the Durbeyfields, TESS; 55. Memphis-to-Nashville dir., ENE; 56. Expresses, informally, SEZ.


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