12.02.11 — Bizarre Bazaar

Untitled, known as Saturn Devouring His Son,
Devoration or Saturn Eats His Child, Francisco de Goya, 1819-1823


Friday, December 2, 2011

Puzzle by Ed Sessa / Edited by Will Shortz 

CANNIBALS, BEEFSTEAK and SHISHKEBAB (Ones who may get you into hot water?; 26A. Chophouse choice; 5A. Bazaar dish), STABLE BOYS, HORSE SENSE and ITALIAN STALLION (54A. Muckrakers; 56A. Savvy; 7D. Master of Disaster’s ring rival) stand out in this lively Friday crossword. PSYCHOS (40D. Whack jobs)!, OMIGOSH (34D. “No way!”), CAN‘T BE (42D. “No way!”), DON’T STARE (32A. Earful for one getting an eyeful)!

Other across — 1. Cries from a litter, MEWS; 15. End notes?, OBIT; 16. “The Birdcage” drag queen player, NATHAN LANE; 17. Kind of boots popular in the ‘60s, GOGO; 18. State capital with Yeager Airport CHARLESTON; 19. Old ‘English, ANGLIC; 21. Take a bath, LAVE; 22. Chemical ending, IDE; 23. Prospero’s dukedom, MILAN; 24. West Coast ZIP starter, NINE; 25. “Dream on!”, AS IF; 28. Actress Gaynor, MITZI; 29. “Cloak and Dagger” org., OSS; 30. Least powerful member of the board?, PAWN; 31. Course using a fridge, HOME EC; 34. Pieces of eight?, OCTETS; 37. Hamlet’s cousin, TOWN; 38. Luck, old-style, HAP; 41. Quaint ladies with buns, often, MARMS; 44. “Indeed”, IT IS; 45. Big burst, GALE; 46. Crackers, NUTSY; 47. Some washers and dryers, GES; 48. Twain’s “celebrated” frog, DAN’L; 49. Thing spun by a spider, EGG SAC; 50. Field of vision?, ORTHOPTICS; 53 Currier and Ives product: Abbr., LITH; 55. Opera Star Pinza, EZIO; 57. Their arms are wet, SEAS.

Down — 1. 1953 film classic with a Swahili title, MOGAMBO; 2. Piano’s 36, familiarly, EBONIES; 3. Emulates a hula dancer, WIGGLES; 4. Coll. Founded by Norwegian immigrants, ST OLAF; 5. Grp. Organizing ‘60s sit-ins, SNCC; 6. “In your face!”, HAH; 8. Downsized, SHRANK; 9. Downsize, in a way, HALVE; 10. Stocking part, KNEE; 11. Hollow center?, ELS; 12. Fine, soft, sheer fabric, BATISTE; 13. Coat by electrolytic action, ANODIZE; 14. Of some good, BENEFIC; 20. Here and there, IN SPOTS; 24. “She turned me into a NEWT!”; Monty Python; 25. “Je vous AIME”; 27. Salon offerings, TANS; 28. Eastern daylight time?, MORNING; 31. Best Supporting Actress for “Cactus Flower”, HAWN; 32. House party members, briefly, DEMS; 33. Cosmetology concern, TONE; 35. Mollycoddle, CATER TO; 36. Studio with a Pegasus logo, TRI-STAR; 38. Bowler’s number, HAT SIZE; 39. Ancient French region, ALSATIA; 43. Some mating calls, BUGLES; 45. Opens wide, GAPES; 48. James who was known as the Pineapple King, DOLE; 49. They, in Rome, ESSE; 51. N.F.L. ball carriers, HBS; 52. Composer Coleman and others, CYS.


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