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Monday, December 12, 2011

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

ERS (37A. Hosp. parts … or what the answers to the six starred clues each have twice), PAPER TIGER (17A. *One who‘s an empty threat), CENTER FIELDER (26A. *Willie Mays, positionally), PEPPER GRINDER (45A. *What a waiter might be holding when he says “Say when“), POWER MOWER (59A. *Lawn-Boy or Toro product), COVER LETTER (10D. *Enclosure with a manuscript or résumé) and PETER PARKER (23D. *Spider-Man’s alter ego), constitute the interrelated group of this hale and hearty Monday crossword.

Other — DERMAL (47D. Akin to skin?), GROOVE (46D. Settled routine), STILLERS (38D. Ben and Jerry), SERMON (5D. Sunday morning address), SOURED (40A. Grew disenchanted), SWERVE (34A. Turn suddenly), TEE OFF (8D. Start 18 holes), WAIT HERE (6D. “Don’t go anywhere … I’ll be back”).

Five-letter — ALTER, ARENA, AZURE, CUT-UP, DREAR, ETUDE, KUDOS (1A. High praise), LEEKS, LENDS, LOEWS, ME TOO, OILER, RARER, REEVE (36D. Christopher of “Superman”), SNEER, Dutch painter Jan STEEN, TESTS.

Short stuff — ABLE, Come from AFAR, ALOE, ANNE, AREA, ARGO, AVER, BRAS, CALL, Rap’s Dr. DRE, DUPE, ETS, EVER, “Dona FLOR and Her Two Husbands“, FOLK, HASP, IVOR (62A. Actor/songwriter Novello), IWON, KEPT, LEER, LEGS, Fleur-de-LIS, LOOK, OBOE, ODE and ORE and ORB, OWEN, PENS, PIP, POSH, REAR, REND and RENT, SRA, TAR and TART, THE, ULNA, UTAH, VLOG (19A. Journal on YouTube, maybe), WATT, ZONE.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Light bulb unit; 10. Ring up; 14. Piano practice piece; 15. Geographical datum; 16. Woodwind able to provide an orchestra’s tuning note;  20. Not just any; 21. “I concur!; 22. Onionlike soup ingredients; 23. Luxurious; 31. High: Fr.; 33. Sp. Lady; 35. Amend; 42. Visitors from beyond; 44. Lip-puckering; 48. Swear; 49. Lecher’s look; 50. Sky-blue; 53. Former Houston footballer; 55. Heavenly body; 58. Music genre for Joan Baez; 61. Actress Hathaway of “The Princess Diaries”; 63. Basketball venue; 64. Caboose; 65. Sharpies, e.g.; 66. Gives for a while. — DOWN: 1. Retained; 2. Home of the Sundance Film Festival; 3. Bamboozle; 4. Poem for the praiseworthy; 7. Jason’s ship, in myth; 9. Paving goo; 11. Up to the task; 12. “Behold!”; 13. Important parts of dancers; 18. Exams; 22. Major theater chain; 26. Prankster; 27. Not so well-done; 28. Gloomy, in verse; 29. Last word in the Lord’s Prayer, before “Amen”; 30. The ___ Is Too Damn High Party; 31. Gate hardware; 32. Skin soother; 43. Curling of the lip; 51. The “Z” of DMZ; 52. Bone paralleling the radius; 54. “Victory is mine!”; 55. Wilson of “Wedding Crashers”; 56. Tear up; 57. They give women a lift; 59. Backup singer for Gladys Knight; 60. Miner’s pay dirt.

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