03.09.12 — Friday Challenge

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, 1885-86, John Singer Sargent


Friday, March 9, 2012

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

This challenging Friday crossword is essentially divided into three sections, making for a triple trudge of a solve.

Across1. Many fans are running during this, HOT SPELL; 9. Three-toed wading birds, STILTS; 15. Gets, ACHIEVES; 16. Present-day cry?, HO HO HO; 17. A vegetarian isn’t on it, MEAT DIET; 18. Holds forth, ORATES; 19. Tycoon types, FAT CATS; 20. “Go ahead,” to Shakespeare, BE IT SO; 21. Certain odor absorber, INSOLE; 22. Tabulae RASAE; 23. Storming-out sounds, SLAMS; 24. Must-see, CAN’T MISS; 27. Spam protection items?, TINS; 28. Like many bread knives, SAW-TOOTHED; 30. Grammy-winning Brian ENO; 31. Looks, GANDERS; 32. ODO of Lagery (Pope Urban II’s real name); 33. Brushing and such, DENTAL CARE; 35. Blood rival, CRIP; 36. Ivy supporters, ROOTLETS; 37. It’s developed in a sonata, THEME; 39. Parts of kingdoms, PHYLA; 39. Curtain fabrics, VOILES; 40. Needs for some games of tag, LASERS; 42. Noted 19th- and 20th century portraitist, SARGENT; 43. Flight from danger, HEGIRA; 44. Bump down, RELEGATE; 45. Immobilized during winter, say, ICED IN; 46. “Not if my life depended on it”, I’LL NEVER; 47. “Done”, THE END; 48. Four-seaters, maybe?, MAITRE D’S.

Down — 1. Clumsy, HAM-FISTED; 2. Queen Mary, for one, OCEAN LINER; 3. “Don’t do it!”, THAT’S A NO-NO; 4. TV Land staple, SITCOM; 5. They often get depressed, PEDALS; 6. Modern guest-list organizer, EVITE; 7. Onetime Virginia V.I.P.’s, LEES; 9. Establishment where customers typically are seated, SHOE STORE; 10 Singer with the 1994 #1 alternative rock hit “God”, TORI AMOS; 11. Short, strong pan, I HATE IT; 12. They may be odd, LOTS; 13. Malcolm-Jamal’s “Cosby Show” role, THEO; 14. Plea for aid, SOS; 20. Teases playfully, BANTERS; 22. It hasn’t yet been interpreted, RAW DATA; 24. Strikes out, CANCELS; 25. What many crewmen carouse on, SHORE LEAVE; 26. Deposited into a bank, SEDIMENTED; 28. Dancer who was a fan favorite?, SALLY RAND; 29. Ones giving winner forecasts, DOPESTERS; 31. Amass, GATHER IN; 34. Not below decks, TOPSIDE; 35. Tiny biter causing intense itching, CHIGGER; 37. Sign of availability, TO RENT; 39. “Swearin’ to God” singer, 1975, VALLI; 40. Hardly a good looker, LECH; 41. 1966 A.L. Rookie of the Year, AGEE; 42. Ward on a set, SELA; 43. Sock, HIT; 44. Not quite make the putt, with “out”, RIM.


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