03.04.12 — Starting Point — the Diagramless

Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIAGRAMLESS Crossword by Mike Nothnagel
Edited by Will Shortz

STARTING POINT (73A. Where to begin … or a hint to either word in the answer to each starred clue), FLASH FREEZING (11A. *Fast method of preserving food), EXTRA BALL (29A. *Arcade bonus), HIGH POINT (56A. *Superior), DATA ENTRY (16D. *Repetitive spreadsheet job), PENCIL SET (24D. *Appropriate gift for an artist) and MATCH GAME (32D. *1960-’80s Gene Rayburn show) constitutes the interrelated group of this diagramless crossword — the starting point is at the sixth square.

Remaining across — 1. Tangles in traffic or in hair, SNARLS; 7. Increases, as a poker stake, UPS; 10. “The Merchant of Venice” heroine, PORTIA; 16. DO A good deed; 19. Survives, OUTLASTS; 20. Bit of workout attire, LEOTARD; 22. Makeup mess-up, SMEAR; 23. Bill Clinton’s birthplace, HOPE; 26. Lessened, ABATED; 27. Bear’s handler?, PAW; 31. Squeeze, informally, SMUSH; 33. Sgt., e.g., NCO; 34. Browns or Indians, on a scoreboard, CLE; 35. Go by, ELAPSE; 36. Bird sound, COO; 37. Martha and Jonathan, on “Smallville”, KENTS; 40. Bon MOT; 41. Access, as a reserve fund, TAP INTO; 45. As well, TOO; 46. Computer problem solvers, TECHS; 49. Fifth in a series of eight, SOL; 50. Loathing, HATRED; 53. HOI polloi; 54. Elected group, INS; 55. Refuses another card, STAYS; 59. Columbus Day mo., OCT; 60. Hospital’s TRAUMA center; 61. “Immediately!”, STAT; 64. ATARI 2600; 68. TAMMANY Hall (old New York political organization); 70. Klutzes, LUMMOXES; 72. Head of Parliament?, PEE; 76. 10 on the beauty scale, LOOKER; 77. Call from an unknown location?, SOS; 78. Drops down, LOWERS.

Down — 1. Tanning lotion, specs: Abbr., SPFS; 2. South’s opposite, NORTH; 3. “You ARE SO right!”; 4. Hwy., RTE; 5. Designer Claiborne, LIZ; 6. Go by ship, SAIL; 7. Subjects of man fake photos, UFOS; 8. Holiday pudding ingredient, PLUM; 9. Glut, SATE; 12. Carelessly paste on a wall, say, SLAP UP; 13. Go after again and again, HARASS; 14. Approach, NEAR; 15. Recede, GO BACK; 17. Pitcher Hershiser, OREL; 18. More: Abbr., ADDL; 21. Set aside temporarily, TABLE; 25. One whose time is up, EX-CON; 28. Stimulate, WHET; 30. Horn sound, TOOT; 31. Variety of 8-Down, SLOE; 35. One who might respond to a 60-Across for short, EMT; 38. They may be wiggled, TOES; 39. Lawn squares, SOD; 42. Home of the Himalayas, ASIA; 43. Golf course hazards, PONDS; 44. Very, very, OH SO; 47. Yawn-inducing, HO-HUM; 48. Calculus symbols, SIGMAS; 51. Away for summer vacation, perhaps, AT CAMP; 52. Picture of the body?, TATTOO; 56. “://” preceder, HTTP; 57. “Dies IRAE”; 58. Angry talk, RANT; 62. Identical, ALIKE; 63. Frequency changer, TUNER; 65. W.W. II foe, with “the”, AXIS; 66. Splitsville?, RENO; 57. Believers, ISTS; 69. Group in the South?, Y’ALL; 71. Dept. heads, e.g.,, MGRS, 74. “Winnie-the-Pooh” jumper, ROO; 75. Triple-A service, TOW.


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