03.31.12 — Tivoli and Trivia

Falls of the Aniene by Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, c. 1745-50:
a romanticized view of the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Italy


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Puzzle by Scott Atkinson / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Makeup of some insulating sheets, MICA; 5. Vulcans and others, ALIEN RACES; 15. Sixth-day creation, ADAM; 16. Singer with a black V-shaped collar, MEADOW LARK; 17. Food product for the eco-conscious, DOLPHIN-SAFE TUNA; 19. “That man” in “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair”, EMILE; 20. It’s often shown with hands, TIME; 21. Word for a keeper?, STET; 22. Hands off, REFERS; 24. Approx. camera flash duration, MSEC; 26. Ending with plural, in Plymouth, ISE; 27. Words before before, ON OR; 28. South Vietnam’s NGO Dinh Diem; 30. “Ooh-la-la!”, SO HOT; 32. Across, in odes, O’ER; 33. Seize, old-style, REAVE; 35. Wine shop offering, informally, ZIN; 36. “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” group, with “the”, MONKEES; 38. “My Best Friend’s Girl” group, THE CARS; 42. Harboring cold feelings?, ILL; 43. It’s often in the spotlight, XENON; 45. Left-arrow abbr., REW; 46. Language that gave us “catamaran”, TAMIL; 48. Spotted à la Tweety Bird, TAW; 49. Family, TYPE; 50. Gerrymander, RIG; 51. Like many a teen idol, CUTE; 53. Ray with lines, LIOTTA; 55. National competitor, AVIS; 57. Selling point, MART; 59. Cloudless, in Saint-Cloud, CLAIR; 60. Features of some Amerindian embroidery, PORCUPINE QUILLS; 63. Put in the spotlight, ILLUMINATE; 64. They have balls, FEET; 65. Put through a chop shop, say, DISMANTLED; 66. Brand name used by Jersey, ESSO.

Down — 1. Moved over, say, MADE ROOM; 2. 1781 Mozart premiere, IDOMENEO; 3. Demographic lauded in a 1965 song, CALIFORNIA GIRLS; 4. Not so scanty, AMPLER; 5. Introspective query, AM I; 6. Carnival follower, LENT; 7. Hugo-winning 1994 memoir, I ASIMOV; 8. Wheels from the Netherlands, EDAMS; 9. Pleasing bank statement?, NO FEES;10. “Self-Reliance” essayist’s inits., RWE; 11. Plane figs., ALTS; 12. Fables, often, CAUTIONARY TALES; 13. Knighted diamond magnate Oppenheimer, ERNEST; 14. Spin out on the ice?, SKATE; 18. HER Twelve Men” (Greer Garson film); 23 Old dagger, SNEE; 29. Beano alternative, GAS X; 31. Minute Maid brand, HIC; 33. Holdover, RELIC; 34. “Vulcan’s chimney”, ETNA; 37. Cityhopper carrier, KLM; 39. Laugh hard, HOWL; 40. Geckos, e.g., REPTILES; 41. Guarantees, SWEARS TO; 44. Not bound by 20-Across, ETERNAL; 48. Temple of Vesta locale, TIVOLI; 47. Group indiscriminately, LUMP IN; 49. Certain toast, TO LIFE; 50. RAPID-fire; 52. Dirty, TAINT; 54. Defib setting, ICU; 56. Dirty film, SCUM; 58. Where le nez is, TETE; 61. She played Cécile in “Dangerous Liaisons”, UMA; 62. Ending letters, QED.


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