03.03.12 — Smoke


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Puzzle by Byron Walden / Edited by Will Shortz

As usual for a Saturday crossword, lots of smoke and obfuscation!

Across — 1. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, AIR SIGNS; 9. Untrustworthy sort, SLEAZE; 15. Result of too much TV, it’s said, BRAIN ROT; 16. Not bad, in Nantes, PAS MAL; 17. Common aquarium decoration, ROCK CAVE; 18. Promotional description for a coming show, IT’S BIG; 19. Ancient key, ANKH; 20. Goat’s call, MAA; 21. “Green Book” org., familiarly, THE IRA; 22. Home of the Dostoyevsky Literary Museum, OMSK; 23. Kitchen tool, ZESTER; 24. Do stuff, HAIR LACQUER; 29. Field marshals’ commands, ARMY GROUPS; 30. Thumbs-up, OKAY; 34 Monkey ladder vine, LIANA; 35. Holiday when sweeping and emptying the trash are considered bad luck, TET; 36. Vega of “Spy Kids”, ALEXA; 37. Polyhedron part, FACE; 38. Chaotic, DISORDERLY; 40. Symbiotic partners of clownfish, SEA ANEMONES; 41. “She is more precious than RUBIES”: Proverbs 3:15; 45. Points, DOTS; 46. Garment originally made from caribou or sealskin, ANORAK; 47. “I GO Back” (2004 Kenny Chesney hit); 48. Tarzan trademark, YELL; 52. Takes a powder, SCRAMS; 53. Steve Allen sidekick with the catchphrase “Hi-ho, Steverino!”, LOUIS NYE; 55. Cup alternative, PLAQUE; 56. Engaged, as a target, LOCKED DOWN; 57. Keeping half the world down, say, SEXIST; 58. Flock member, ADHERENT.

Down — 1. “East of Eden” girl, ABRA; 2. Unrelenting, IRON; 3. Pool accessory, RACK; 4. Guru follower, SIKH; 5. “INC 500” (annual list); 6. Case study?, GRAMMAR; 7. Cape Breton locale, NOVA SCOTIA; 8. Taco Bell offering, STEAK QUESADILLA; 9. Dogs that ought to be great swimmers?, SPITZERS; 10. State of nervous tension, LATHER; 11. Test course challenges, ESSES; 12. Sphere of influence, AMBIT; 13. Old country name or its currency, both dropped in 1997, ZAIRE; 14. “The Apostles” composer”, ELGAR; 22. Mrs. Vaclav Havel, the first first lady of the Czech Republic, OLGA; 24. Game part, HALF; 25. “Celeste Aida, e.g., ARIA; 26. Leopard’s home?, IMAC; 27. Hall-of-fame Cub Sandberg, RYNE; 28. Conniving, UP TO NO GOOD; 30. Imperial offering, OLEO; 31. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” composer, KERN; 32. Wheelset piece, AXLE; 33. Exuberant cries, YAYS; 36. Byrd and others: Abbr., ADMS; 38. Executive suite?, DESK SET; 39. Fix up, in a way, RETOUCH; 40. Nobel-winning poet Heaney, SEAMUS; 41. Lacks a clear voice, RASPS; 42. “Say UNCLE!”; 43. Compound used to kill ants, BORAX; 44. Ramadi resident, IRAQI; 48. River intentionally flooded in W.W. I, YSER; 49. Michael who wrote “The Neverending Story”, ENDE; 50. Home of the International headquarters of Interpol, LYON; 51. Time of forbearance, LENT; 54. Reverend IKE, onetime radio evangelist.


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