03.04.12 — Love Story

Sunday, March 4, 2012

LOVE STORY, Puzzle by David J. Kahn / Edited by Will Shortz

A six-part joke is the main feature of this cordial Sunday crossword:

An elderly woman was having dinner with her husband and was SIPPING ON A GLASS OF WINE. She said “After all these years I‘M STILL CRAZY ABOUT YOU.” “Then she remarked “I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU.” Her husband asked “DO YOU REALLY MEAN THAT?”  Then he asked “Or IS THAT THE WINE TALKING?” The woman replied “IT’S ME TALKING TO THE WINE.”


Six-letter — ALASKA, ALDENS, APOLLO (18A. Dragon slayer of myth), BÉSAME Mucho“, BUNION (36. Toe woe), COLONY, ED WOOD, ELAINE Paige, ICONIC, HACKER, I’M ON IT, MR BEAN, PT BOAT, SEA OAK (70D. Beach debris also known as rockweed), SUNG TO, TRACKS (39D. They sometimes divide neighborhoods).

Five-letter — ALIEN (116A. Sci-fi film with an android named Ash), Guilty AS SIN, CAPRI, ELIEL Saarinen, EMERY, GILLS, GLAZE, HAD ON, HOLLY, ICILY, MARIE, MIATA, O LORD, PADRE, STUNT, SWORN, TAHOE, TSARS, WHIST (64D. Card game similar to écarté)YAKOV Smirnoff, YEAST (55A. Alcohol producer).

Short stuff —ADS, AIR kiss, ALA, ALOE, Bernese ALPS, AMB, ANN, AROD, ATE, AUNT, BBS, BOA and BOO (86A. Game cry), CUE, DENS, DUTY, EAR, EKE and ETE (89D. When to tour Tours?), EMIT, EMU, EON, ESSA, ETHS, GIN (112D. Game cry), HIS, HMO, HOI polloi, I DO and I TO, ILL, INK, IOS, IPSE dixit, IRAS, I WON (108D. Game cry), LEA, LOST, LUNK, MALI, MAWS, MGM Grand, MIX, MLI, NOD, NOT I, OARS, OAST, OIL, OHIO and OLIO, ONE, OSO, OTTO von Bismarck, OWN, PAR, POST, PST, REIN, RLS and RRS, SAID and SLID, SCAR, SFO and SRO, SILO, SQS, SWIM, TAP, TOCK, TROP, TWO-D, URSA Minor, USO, YANK, Ned YOST.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. “___ Mucho“ (#1 oldie); 7. Sublime, in hip-hop slang; 10. Former Mercury model; 19. Stick on a table; 20. Prayer opener; 21. Big Apple baseball name; 27. Biblical verb endings; 28. Pen pal?; 29. At sea; 32. Africa’s bygone ___ Empire; 34. Big tug; 35. Big shots they’re not; 37. Geom. Shapes; 43. Foursomes; 44. Squeeze (out); 45. Big name in makeup; 46. Supped; 47. Spaish bear; 48. Destination NW of LAX; 50. Colorful moths; 58. Clock sound; 60. Verbalized; 61. Be sociable, say; 62. Barack Obama’s mama; 63. Jug part; 66. Domestic; 69. Old despots; 71. Bribe; 72. Med. Plan; 75. St. Pete’s stadium, with “the”; 77. She, in Siena; 83. Diplomat: Abbr.; 84. “Home away from home” grp.; 85. Halftime staples; 87. One whose star is dimmed; 90. Hit sign; 91. Places to find people lying; 99. Dr. Jekyll creator’s monogram; 100. Single; 101. Botanical balm; 102. Word with free or bound; 103. Average; 104. Architect Saarinen; 106. Reminder of a sort; 107. Have; 115. Terse denial; 117. “What am ___ do?”; 118. “As good as done”; 119. L.A. hours; 120. Man with a mission, maybe; 121. Go-ahead; 122. Serenaded. — DOWN: 1. Single, say; 2. Perfect example; 3. Skillful reasoned; 5. Mid 11th-century year; 6. Long stretch; 7. Like Steve Jobs, e.g.; 8. Blockhead; 9. Grazing ground; 10. Maryland, once; 12. Blogger’s bit; 13. They make 39-Down: Abbr.; 14. Courtroom words; 15. Gaping mouths; 16. Gil ___, original lead role on “CSI”; 17. Winner of 2009’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Precious”; 22. Places to relax; 24. Underwater breathing aids; 25. Smooth finish; 28. Quick end to a boxing match?; 32. Mazda roadster; 33. Pilgrims John and Priscilla; 34. Comedian Smirnoff; 35. It’s a wrap; 40. Some royalties; 41. Printing problem; 42. Baseball manager Ned; 47. Grab bag; 48. Make some waves; 49. Obsessed about; 51. With no warmth; 52. Deep border lake; 53. Board that’s disposable; 54. Sported; 56. Dinghy duo; 58. Lacking depth, in brief; 59. Cairo’s river; 67. Titan’s place; 68. Portfolio options, for short; 73. Comic British character who rarely speaks; 76. J.F.K. transport; 79. Hops dryer; 80. Petunia Dursley, to Harry Potter; 81. Raymond’s mother on “Everybody Loves Raymond”; 82. Christmas decoration; 87. Toboggan ride’s starting point; 88. Stat for Steve Nash; 90. Like 14-Down; 91. Knievel feat; 92. Lacing (into); 93. Perturbed; 94. Sign off on; 96. Virus carrier, maybe; 97. Musical star Paige who played the original Evita; 98. 1994 biopic; 99. Pull (in); 105. Let out; 106. Declined a bit; 110. Select; 111. ___ française ; 113. How-dos; 114. Australian runner.

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