03.10.12 — Spring Forward

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Daylight Saving Time (United States) begins Sunday, March 11, 2012, 2:00 am — nothing much else happening here!

Across — 1. Regular fluctuation, EBB AND FLOW; 11. Resourcefulness, WITS; 15. Choose not to mess with, LEAVE ALONE; 16. Stop shooting, WRAP; 17. Written between two rows of text, INTERLINED; 18. “But men are men; the best sometimes forget” speaker, IAGO; 19. Opposing, STANDING AGAINST; 21. “Jelly Roll, Bix and HOAGY” (1994 history of early jazz); 22. Lamb’s “TALES From Shakespeare”; 23. Empty space, GAP; 24. ANNE of Denmark (James I’s queen consort); 25. Fiber-rich fruits, FIGS; 26. Madrigal syllables, TRA LA; 28. Crumbled ingredient in “dirt pudding”, OREO; 29. Takes the big cheese down to size?, GRATES; 30. Surprising revelation, SHOCKER; 34. Superior facility, PROWESS; 35. “You have been WARNED”; 38. Salon selections, DYES; 37. She bests Sherlock in “A Scandal in Bohemia”, IRENE; 38. Light, AIRY; 39. Snide remark, GIBE; 43. Items found in jackets, LPS; 44. TV golf analyst who won three Masters, FALDO; 46. What tickets may get you, FINES; 47. Some movies on TV are shown in it, LETTERBOX FORMAT; 50. Possible solution, IDEA; 51. Approximately, GIVE OR TAKE; 52. Film genre, NOIR; 53. Quick affair?, ONE NIGHTER; 54. One attracted to vinegar, GNAT; 55. Terrible #2s, SORE LOSERS.

Down — 1. “24” actress Cuthbert, ELISHA; 2. Robert who won Oscars for both writing and directing “Kramer vs. Kramer”, BENTON; 3. 1942 invasion site, BATAAN; 4. Pay back, AVENGE; 5. Square, NERDY; 6. “Burning Giraffes in Yellow” painter, DALI; 7. More obdurate, FLINTIER; 8. Much earlier, LONG AGO; 9. Two stars of “Paper Moon”, O’NEALS; 10. One held in a trap, WEDGE; 11. When the O.S.S. was formed, WW II; 12. Reagan-era scandal, IRANGATE; 13. Subjects of many notices stapled to telephone poles, TAG SALES; 14. Part of a timing pattern on a football field, SPOT PASS; 2. Winners of the longest postseason game in major-league history (18 innings, 2005), ASTROS; 25. Lead role in “Miracle on 34th Street”, FRED; 27. Way to serve vegetables, RAW; 28. 1940s-’50s touch-guy portrayer Dennis O’KEEFE; 29. Gandalf the GREY; 30. Drinking to excess, SWILLING; 31. Brought up incessantly, HARPED ON; 32. Aeschylus trilogy, ORESTEIA; 33. “This Week at War” airer, CNN; 34. Mineral found in igneous rocks PYROXENE; 36. Took a mulligan on, DID OVER; 38. Typical lab rat, e.g., ALBINO;  39. Circumferences, GIRTHS; 40. Yardbird, INMATE; 41. Cylindrical vessel with a flat bottom, BEAKER; 42. Compounds found in wine, ESTERS; 45. Ancient Mycenaean stronghold, ARGOS; 46. Do without, FORGO; 48. Pointed, in a way, TART; 49. Stymie, FOIL.


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