03.19.12 — The Godfather

Monday, March 19, 2012

Puzzle by Jeremy Horwitz / Edited by Will Shortz

THE GODFATHER (53A. Academy Award-winning film released in March 1972), VITO CORLEONE (46A. Academy Award-winning role for both 20- and 26-Across), ROBERT DE NIRO (20A. Academy Award winner for playing 46-Across) and MARLON BRANDO (26A. Academy Award winner for playing 46-Across) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.

Other — EMIRIL (4D. Lagasse in the kitchen), ERRANT, KIMONOS (5D. Japanese robes), MOON ROCK (10D. Object retrieved on an Apollo mission), NAVIGATE (37D. Steer), SLEEVES (44D. What tank tops lack), STRIVE, TEDIUM, UNREEL, VERDUN (9D. W.W. I‘s longest battle).

Five-letter — AERIE, AMINO, ARTIE, Stephen Vincent BENÉT, BRUNO, EL SOL, ENSUE, GREEK, HANOI, LO-FAT, “MIAMI Vice“, NINAS, PROOF, RESET, RUNIC, SALVO, SARAH (39D. Politico Palin), SCHWA (32A. Either the first or last vowel sound in “Alaska”), SERUM, SPINE, STAGE, STUMP, THREE, TOTEM, TUNIS (38A. Africa‘s northernmost capital), VAULT, WHINE, ZAIRE (12D. Congo, from 1971 to 1997).

Short stuff — ANNA, ANTE, Stratford-upon-AVON, DOOR, EAT, ELO, ENDS, FORE, GMT, HDTV, HYPE, IONE, KAHN, LUG, NIT, MAZE, MEAL and MEAT and MEET, ORAL, OTIS, PETE (66A. Rose of the Diamond), POOR, ORAL contraceptive, OTIS, RIO de Janeiro, TEE, TEST, TIVO, TROT, URNS, URSA Major, Anytown, USA, YORE.


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. From Athens, say; 6. Sharp product from Sharp; 10. Labyrinth; 15. Days long past; 17. Image on an Indian pole; 18. Destitute; 19. Redding who sang “The Dock of the Bay”; 23. Backbone; 25. Let out, as a fishing line; 30. “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” rock grp.; 31. Clear part of blood; 40. Actress Madeline of “Blazing Saddles”; 41. Lite; 43. Guadalajara girls; 45. Pedantic quibble; 40. Vie (for); 52. Eagle’s home; 57. ___ Major (constellation); 58. Actress Skye of “Say Anything …”; 59. Place for gold to be stored; 63. Encounter; 64. Large coffee holders; 65. Follow; 67. Butcher’s stock; 68. Wild West transport. — DOWN: 1. World clock std.; 3. Consume; 6. Ballyhoo; 7. “Let’s Make a Deal” choice; 8. Gait not as fast as a canter; 11. Clarinetist Shaw; 13. Spanish-language newspaper that brings “light” to its reader; 21. Author Stephen Vincent ___; 22. Termini; 23. Blast from the side of a warship; 24. Homework problem in geometry; 26. Brunch or dinner; 27. Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego; 28. Ancient kind of alphabet; 29. Protein-building acid; 33. Vietnam’s capital; 34. Complain annoyingly; 35. Initial stake; 37. Steer; 42. What may give pause to couch potatoes?; 47. Ho-humness; 48. Straying; 49. Tree remnant; 50. Number of little pigs or blind ice; 51. Put back to zero, say; 54. Golfer’s cry; 55. “___ and the King of Siam”; 56. Examination; 61. Schlep; 62. Links peg.

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