07.04.14 — Independence

Friday, July 4, 2014  Independence Day 

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Quickly gets good at, TAKES TO; 8. Summer hat, BOATER; 14. Restrained, ON A LEASH; 16. “This isn’t a good time”, I’M BUSY; 17. First-century governor of Britain, whose name was Latin for “farmer”, AGRICOLA; 18. Signer of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, PIERCE; 19. Trade fair presentation, DEMO; 20. It means “council” in Russian, SOVIET; 22. Apprehend, NAB; 23 Roofing material, SLATE; 25. Cut short, END; 26. Membre de la familie, PERE; 27. Compact Chevys of old, NOVAS; 30. G-rated oath, FUDGE; 31. Poll calculation, MARGIN OF ERROR; 34. “While we’re on the topic …”, BEFORE I FORGET; 35. Marked by hostilities?, BATTLE-SCARRED; 36. One of the Kennedys, ETHEL; 37. Manhattan Project scientist, FERMI; 38. Emblem on Captain America’s shield, STAR; 39. All you can take with one hand, POT; 40. “Frida” actress SALMA Hayek; 45. Williams nicknamed “The Kid”, TED; 46. Field strip, FURROW; 49. Automaker that introduced heated front seats, SAAB; 50. 1950 short-story collection by Asimov, I ROBOT; 52. Cork bar, IRISH PUB; 54. Dry up, RUN OUT; 55. Cause for complaint, PET PEEVE; 56. Phalanx weapons, SPEARS; 57. “Through the Dark Continent” author, 1878, STANLEY.

Down — 1. Witches’ brew ingredients, TOADS; 2. Being in heaven, ANGEL; 3. Cosmic payback, KARMA; 4. “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” writer, ELIOT; 5. Brief wait, SEC; 6. Stop along the Santa Fe trail, TAOS; 7. Four-time host of the Nordic World Ski Championships, OSLO; 8. Upstanding one?, BIPED; 9. Pass over, OMIT; 10. Bart and Lisa’s grandpa, ABE; 11. Betrayed embarrassment, TURNED RED; 12. Not-so-fast food?, ESCARGOT; 13. Amber-colored brew, RYE BEER; 15. Send-off for the dear departed?, HAVE A NICE TRIP; 21. To such an extent, INSOFAR; 24. Register, ENROLL; 26. Empty, PURGE; 28. Creature outwitted by Hop-o’-My-Thumb, OGRE; 29. Tried to win, VIES FOR; 30. Columbian Exposition engineer, FERRIS; 31. Addictive analgesic, METHADONE; 32. Beauty magazine photo caption, AFTER; 33. Bit of paperwork, FORM; 34. Call from home, BATTER UP; 35. Rouses to action, BESTIRS; 39. Finishing strokes, PUTTS; 41. Pasty, ASHEN; 42. Name tag location, LAPEL; 43. “Never trust a woman who wears MAUVE” (line from “The Picture of Dorian Gray”); 44. “The Name of the Rose” setting, ABBEY; 46. Two by two?, FOUR; 47. Veins’ contents, ORES; 48. Olympic skater Katarina WIT; 51. Burlesque accessory, BOA; 53. Body treatment facility, SPA.


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