07.11.14 — The Friday Crossword

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Puzzle by Victor Fleming and Sam Ezersky
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Displeases one’s buds?, TASTES BAD; 10. Dart maker … or dart, DODGE; 15. R.V. park hookup option, SEWER LINE; 16. When New York’s Central Park closes, ONE A M; 17. Snack in a gym bag, ENERGY BAR; 18. Clog, GUM UP; 19. Phrase cooed en espanol, TE AMO; 20. Opposite of miniature, KING SIZE; 22. Uses a 49-Down, SITS; 23. People thank God when it comes, FRIDAY; 25. What Kramer often called Seinfeld, JER; 26. Joseph of ice cream, EDY; 27. Art ROONEY, Steelers owner for 55 years; 28. Cops, in slang, POPO; 29. Moon views?, BUTTS; 30. “Weiner Fauen” composer, LEHAR; 31. They might like your comments, FACEBOOK FRIENDS; 36. N.F.L. team that went 0-16 in 2008, LIONS; 37. Have an itch, YEARN; 38. Duncan of Obama’s cabinet, ARNE; 39. Impound lot charge, TOWAGE; 41. Jump start?, JAY; 44. Gomer Pyle, e.g.: Abbr., PFC; 45. Trees used to make shoe trees, CEDARS; 46. Enfant bearer, MERE; 47. Ad mascot in sunglasses, JOE CAMEL; 49. Spanish soccer club, for short, BARCA; 50. Spirit, ARDOR; 51. Outerwear for moguls?, SKI PARKAS; 54. Battery for many a toy, C CELL; 55. Like a 1938 Andrew Jackson stamp, SEVEN-CENT; 56. Writer featured in “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”, KESEY; 57. 409 and 410, but not 411, AREA CODES.

Down — Scary little sucker, TSETSE; 2. 12-book classic, AENEID; 3. Like many exercisers, SWEATY; 4. The “2x” and “5” in 2x + 5, e.g., TERMS; 5. Accordingly, ERGO; 6. Designing, SLY; 7. Restaurant accessory, BIB; 8. Knight who fell to the dark side, ANAKIN SKYWALKER; 9. Knock sharply, DERIDE; 10. Spot, to a tot, DOGGY; 11. Large charge, ONUS; 12. Cousin of a carafe, DEMIJOHN; 13. It may cover a tear, GAUZE PAD; 14. Power line?, EMPERORS; 21. Unfavorable reply, NAY; 23. Shot, informally, FOTO; 24. Tiller attachment?, ROTO; 27. Coats put on at barbecues, RUBS; 28. Part for a whack job?, PEEN; 29. Well, in Rome, BENE; 30. Old change in the Vatican, LIRE; 32. Hotcake, FLAPJACK; 32. Jet pack?, AIR FORCE; 33. Cries uncle, CONCEDES; 34. What chickens have, FEAR; 35. Clothing, colloquially, RAGS; 39. Pro TEM; 40. Seat of Ector County, Tex., ODESSA; 41. Moved like a whiptail, JERKED; 42. Apprehended by a small group, ARCANE; 43. Brewers’ supplies, YEASTS; 45. Pop singer CARLY Rae Jepsen; 46. Cry in a swimming pool game, MARCO; 48. He had a 1948 #1 hit with “Nature Boy”, COLE; 49. Judge’s perch, BANC; 52. “’I’VE no idea”; 53. Kind of gravel, PEA.


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