07.18.14 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, July 18, 2014

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Know what I‘m saying’?,” in hip-hop slang, YA’ HEARD; 8. “Yep, alas”, ‘FRAID SO; 15. Feature of many a reception, OPEN BAR; 16. 1998 N.F.L. M.V.P. Davis, TERRELL; 17. Tablet alternatives, GEL CAPS; 18. Laughed menacingly, CACKLED; 19. Any of the Baleares, ISLA; 20. Political leader?, GEO; 22. Bob of play-by-play, COSTAS; 23. Squeeze, CRUNCH; 26. Kind of dye, AZO; 27. Things that wind up on trucks, FIRE HOSES; 30. Sounded wowed, AAHED; 32. Days AGO; 33. Villainous organization in the 007 film “GoldenEye”, RUSSIAN MOB; 35. Sleep around, BED HOP; 37. Like many Plains Indians, SIOUAN; 39. Football and basketball, TEAM SPORTS; 43. Like innuendo, SLY; 44. Electronics component, DIODE; 45. Ole Miss, athletically, THE REBELS; 47. What you might arrive two hrs. early for, ETD; 48. Central American capital, SAN JOSE; 49. Blue-flowered Mediterranean herb, BORAGE; 52. Buff finish?, OON; 53. Nuzzling spot, maybe, NAPE; 57. Leader referred to as “His Imperial Majesty”, AKIHITO; 59. 1994 memoir with a chapter on “New Robot Novels”, I ASIMOV; 61. Oscar-nominated Greek-American actor, SAVALAS; 62. Crank, NUTCASE; 63. Certain solution holder, EYE BATH; 64. Figure in many a New Yorker cartoon, ST PETER.

Down — 1. Meditative sort, YOGI; 2. Big tree climbers, APES; 3. Something to catch from scolding parents, HELL; 4. Box, ENCASE; 5. Org. the Utah Stars belonged to, ABA; 6. Public Enemy and others, RAP GROUPS; 7. Who wrote “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not”, DR SEUSS; 8. U.S. fraud watchdog, FTC; 9. Breadth, REACH; 10. ARCO Arena (past Kings home); 11. Needles, IRKS; 12. Campus spot for Bluto, Otter and Boon, DELTA HOUSE; 13. Scuzz, SLEAZE BALL; 14. Motherland, OLD SOD; 21. Tender with Washington, ONES; 24. Google browser, CHROME; 25. Ted Danson hit series, CSI; 27. “Groovy!”, FAB; 28. “All right already!”,  I GET IT OKAY; 29. Walk of Style locale, RODEO DRIVE; 30. Flavorings in some root beers, ANISES; 31. Member of a loving trio?, AMO; 34. Person on a mission?, ASTRONAUT; 36. Ordered, HAD; 38. George Clinton was ts first gov. (for 21 years), NYS; 40. K-12 grp., PTA; 41. “Whoops!”, OH NO; 41. Answers, REJOINS; 44. Lower, DEBASE; 46. “Quit your squabbling”, BE NICE; 48. Swtched to, as on a thermostat, SET AT; 50. Fictonal boss of Stubb and Flask, AHAB; 51. River to the Colorado, GILA; 54. Member of a loving trio?, AMAT; 55. Work for an artist, maybe, POSE; 56. “Would I EVER!”; 58. Start of a kids’ clothing line name, OSH; 60. Letters on a track, STP.

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