07.19.14 — The Saturday Crossword

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. It has many giants and dwarfs, COSMOS; 7. Profit-sharing figure: Abbr., AGT; 10. Part of the former Republic of Pisa, ELBA; 14. Run down a mountainside, SCHUSS; 15. Pour it on, GO ALL OUT; 17. One who winds up on a field, HURLER; 18. A kid might be punished for showing it, ATTITUDE; 19. Scores, A LOT; 20. Marked up, say, WROTE ON; 21. Something pocketed in Italy?, RAVIOLI; 24. Like Princes Leia vis-à-vis Luke Skywalker, YOUNGER; 27. Roller coaster feature with a food name, PRETZEL LOOP; 29. Celle-là, across the Pyrenees, ESA; 30. Movie with the line “I’m a vulgar man. But  assure you, my music is not”, AMADEUS; 31. Be a very fast learner?, CRAM; 32. Title woman n a “Paint Your Wagon” song, ELSA; 35. Hybrid, maybe, CAR; 36. Do a 35-Across chore, GAS UP; 37. Romp, LARK; 38. Brave, e.g., WARRIOR; 40. “Who AM I?”; 41. 1965 Yardbirds hit, FOR YOUR LOVE; 45. Like many rodeo animals, LASSOED; 47. Dweller near the Potemkin Stairs, ODESSAN; 48. Best seller, HOT ITEM; 50. In, AMID; 51. Track on “Beatles ’65”, I’M A LOSER; 53. “Out!”, BEGONE; 55. Scarab, e.g., TALISMAN; 56. Tip for slips, ERASER; 57. Barreled, SPED; 58. Like some broody teens, EMO; 59. Folks working on courses?, DINERS.

Down — D preceder, C SHARP; 2. Telescope part, OCULAR; 3. Tuesday preceder, SHROVE; 4. Be a juggler?, MULTITASK; 5. Ending of saccharine, OSE; 6. Letters on old atlases, SSR; 7. Seaweed derivative, AGAR; 8. Call for a timeout, GO TO YOUR ROOM; 9. Some body work, TATTOOS; 10. John in an arena, ELTON; 11. Chases, in Cheshire, LOUNGERS; 12. Flower child?, BUD; 13. Had dogs, e.g., ATE; 16. Fail at falling asleep, LIE UP; 20. Underdog playoffs participant, WILD CARD TEAM; 22. Character in many Baum works, OZMA; 23. Where Gay’s “lowing herd wind slowly”, LEA; 25. Biblical venison preparer, ESAU; 26. Artery connection, RAMP; 28. Noted acid studier, LEARY; 31. Noted 1-Across studier, CARL SAGAN; 32. Company with the King David Club, EL AL; 33. “Los Horizon” figure, LAMA; 34. St. Patrick’s Day order, IRISH ALE; 36. “Saw” sights, GORE; 38. Pity party plaint, WOE IS ME; 39. Alternative to the pill, briefly, IUD; 41. Snaps, FOTOS; 42. Slip through, say, OSMOSE; 43. Like Cinderella’s stepsisters vis-à-vis Cinderella, VAINER; 44. “ENDERS Game”; 46. Not iffy, SOLID; 49. Hungarian name meaning “sincere”, ERNO; 51. “IT’S me”; 52. Battle-planning aid, MAP; 53. Spring place, BED; 54. “Cap’n ERI” (1904 novel).


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