07.05.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Neckwear slider, SCARF RING; 10. Domed dessert, BOMBE; 15. “The highest result of education is TOLERANCE”: Helen Keller; 16. Purpose, AVAIL; 17. Continuing in its course, ROLLING ON; 18. Hardly smash hits, DINKS; 19. Part of the Roman Empire in modern-day NE France, ALSATIA; 20. One forced into service, DRAFTEE; 22. Bit of illumination, PHOTON; 23. Tooth coating?, GEAR OIL; 24. 1994 Peace Prize sharer, PERES; 25. Eschews money, say, BARTERS; 26. Reduces the fare?, EATS; 27. Big brand from Clermont, Ky., JIM BEAM; 28. Drill specialist, for short?, DDS; 29. Minor documents?, FAKE IDS; 30. “Poppycock!”, BAH; 33. Producer of cheap shots?, DIVE BAR; 34. “The Farm” painter, 1921, MIRO; 35. Dances with sharp turns, BOLEROS; 36. Biblical verb, CANST; 37. What ruthless people show, NO MERCY; 38. Apollo, e.g., SUN GOD; 39. Greek city where St. Paul preached, CORINTH; 40. Los Angeles suburb once dubbed “Berryland”, GARDENA; 41. ARENA rock; 42. “See!”, I CALLED IT; 44. First name in the 1948 presidential race, STROM; 45. About 90% of cotton fiber, CELLULOSE; 46. “Magister Ludi” writer, HESSE; 47. Old-fashioned duds, KNEE PANTS.

Down — 1. Greatly wanting, STRAPPED; 2. Good thing to keep in an emergency, COOL HEAD; 3. A little of everything, ALL SORTS; 4. Connects, RELATES; 5. Crunchy snack, FRITOS; 6. Took for booking, RAN IN; 7. “Young Frankenstein” girl, INGA; 8. Drill specialist, for short?, NCO; 9. Male issue?, GENDER BIAS; 10. Slums, e.g., BAD AREAS; 11. Not quite spherical, OVIFORM; 12. Winged prayer, MANTIS; 13. Theodore BIKEL of “The African Queen”; 14. Computer programming command, ELSE; 21. Rather violent, perhaps, RATED R; 23. Old Pokemon platform, GAMEBOY; 25. Woman in a leather jacket, maybe, BIKER CHICK; 27. Broadway inspector, JAVERT; 29. Dot preceder, FILE NAME; 30. Consumed in copious amounts, BINGED ON; 31. Ignition technician?, ARSONIST; 32. Much-anticipated outings, HOT DATES; 33. Company with a game piece in its log, DOMINOS; 34. 1993 Peace Prize sharer, MANDELA; 35. Orchard menaces, BORERS; 36. Get comfortable, in a way, CURL UP; 37. Acapulco-to-Monterrey direccion, NORTE; 38. Chateau chamber, SALLE; 39. CASH crop; 40. It’s a blast, GALE; 43. 800s, e.g.: Abbr., CEN.


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