06.30.08 -- ALMS

Belisarius Receiving Alms, 1781 -- painting by Jacques-Louis David
Monday, June 30, 2008
Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz
Lynn Lempel, the author of today’s puzzle, is the mistress of the wisp of Monday New York Times crosswords -- PRAISE (46D. Kudos) is due, and this pleasant back-to-work crossword before the coming holiday weekend may provoke many to say IAGREE (47D. “That’s my opinion, too”).
Today, we are given ALMS (69A. Donations for the poor), amounting to FOUNDMONEY (61A. Unexpected wallet fattener … and what the circled words are) in the form of RAND, LIRA, YEN and PESO, existing within the inter-related entries of DURANDURAN (17A. British pop group with a repetitive name), MOSULIRAQ (25A. Kurdistan city on the Tigris); HIGHWAYENTRANCE (35A. On-ramp); and GRAPESODA (51A. Welch’s soft drink). Loosely related, there is also TIP (42A. Gratuity); ECU (6D. Bygone French coin); and 7. “ … NOR a lender be”.
People in the puzzle -- joining Duran Duran are KEATON (4D. Buster on the silent screen); a HINDU (9D. Worshiper of Brahma); ARTURO (11D. Conductor Toscanini); CHE (40D. Fighter with Fidel); a SGTMAJ (45D. High-ranking noncom); URI (23A. Geller who claims paranormal ability); SPITZ (45A. Mark who was a swimming phenom at the 1972 Olympics); a TEATASTER (48A. Lipton employee); MIRO (59A. Spanish artist Joan); TOSCA (65A. Cavaradossi’s love in a Puccini opera); along with RCA’s mascot (43A. Nipper the dog’s company) and a RARE (66A. Few and far between) straightforward clue for GOD (24A. The Lord).
Conversation and the like -- a CALL (10A. “Out!!” or “Safe!”), AHA (44A. “Now I get it!), and AHEM (49D. “Uh, excuse me”), along with descriptives ENRAGING (3D. Maddening), JEER (67A. Mock), LEERAT (12D. Regard with lust) in the telling of the STORY (68A. Tale).
The remainder of the solver’s ITINERARY (28A. Traveler’s route) includes the eight-letter NATIONAL (39D. Not local or state), the seven-letter ORDERED (26D. Chose from the menu, say), and the six-letter entries of CLASSY (8D. Chic); DENOTE (56A. Signify); LOWIQS (13D. Reasons for special ed); SONORA (50D. Mexican state bordering Arizona); 20A. STATUS quo; TOBOOT (48D. As well).
Five-letter -- BENCH (5A. Nonplayer’s spot in the dugout); ECOLI (15A. Meat-contaminating bacteria); LOOTS (31A. Pillages); ILLER (22D. In worse health); WIZEN (37D. Shrink from age); SIFTS (52D. Looks [through], as for information.
Four- and three-letter -- ASEA, BEDS, COS, DDAY, EAR and EYES, HOI, HONE, HTTP, IOTA, ISH, MANY, NCAA, NCR, NIB, NUDE (18. Like the upper half of the Venus de Milo), OAR, OREO, PHDS, PREK, REAP, ROUT, SAN, SDI, SET, STAT, STEW, TAG, TAI, TERM, USO.
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Search information: Across: 1. Like students in the Head start program; 14. Sharpen, as a knife; 16. Double Stuf cookie; 21. Reagan antimissile plan, for short; 34. Filming site; 54. Dangler on an item for sale; 55. Pen point, 64. Far from land. Down: 1. Grad school achievements; 2. Defeat decisively; 5. Mattress sites; 10. Trig ratio: Abbr.; 25. Umpteen; 27. Smidgen; 28. Sort of: Suffix; 30. Harvest; 34. Rebounds or assists; 36. URL starter; 38. March Madness org.; 41. Audiologist’s concern; 56. June 6, 1944; 57. Six years, for a senator; 58. Peepers; 60. Crew implement; 62. Support grp. For the troops; 63. Big maker of checkout devices.

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