06.17.08 -- Date and Time

Startrails around southern pole -- Date and Time : 24. June 2006

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Puzzle by Steven Ginzburg, edited by Will Shortz

DATEANDTIME (65A. Invitation info … or two alternate endings for the starts of the answers to 18-Across, 10-Down and 24-Down) along with DINNERTABLE (18A. Furniture within easy walking distance of the kitchen), PLAYSTATION (10D. Popular Sony product); and DOUBLEAGENT (24D. Spy who lives dangerously) imagine dinner date, dinner time, play date, play time, double play and double time.

There are two nine-letter entries, CLOUDOVER (35A. Show signs of an impending storm), NOSEDIVED (46A. Headed straight down), and two seven-letter, GODSEND (4D. Much-needed help) and DNATEST (47D. Procedure in a paternity suit).

Six-letter entries: SEESTO (21A. Takes care of), KITSCH (31A. Show of lowbrow taste), ROGETS (48A. Popular thesaurus) and INSPOT (60A. Popular place). Five-letter: AGILE, AGING, ALLAY, ENDOW, EXUDE, GATOR, GOTIT, KILTS, MEADE, OASIS, ONSET, PENAL, RHINO, ROLEX, SNAFU, SPATE, STEAM, TAHOE, TEETH, TENOR, TENTS, WYATT.

The puzzle opens with MRS and closes with its anagram RMS -- in between are OPIE crossing OPINE, ACHE and ANGST, SHIN and SHIV, TIDE and TINE, TALK and YAKS, and a lot of little three- and four-letter happenstance fill -- ACHE, AGS, ALA, ALBA, ATE, CHAR, CODE, DEF, EON, EVEN, EYES, HEED, HERB, HOPS, INNS, LEGO, LEI, MAGI, SMUG, SOP, OAT, OMIT, ORIG, PISA, PIT, RASH, SDAK, SHIV, STAY, TEN, UTIL and ETC.


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Across: 1. Bride’s title; 4. Cry of success; 9, Sudden influx; 14. It keeps going and going … , 15. Express one’s point of view; 16. Put to rest; 17. In the style of; 20. Actor Mos ___; 22. Jabbers; 23. Give off; 25. Beer ingredients; 27. Start; 39. Chevy S.U.V.; 40. Pimpernel or prairie clover; 41. ___ colony; 43. Cheer competitor; 44. Quick on one’s feet; 50. African heavyweight, for short; 51. Throb; 53. Perennial teenage feeling; 57. Overly self-assured; 64. Consumed; 67. X; 68. Going gray; 69. Paradise for the parched; 70. Feedbag bit; 71. Some tartan garments; 72. Lawman Earp; 73. Apt. units. Down: 1. Union general at Gettysburg; 2. Geneva-based watchmaker; 3. Major muddle; 5. Early Ron Howard role; 6. Fork prong; 7. Alehouses; 8. Canines, e.g.; 9. Precollege exam; 11. Jessica of “Fantastic Four”; 12. It’s cheap, proverbially; 13. Ogles; 19. Corner piece; 26. Peach stone; 28. Soak (up); 29. Tied, as a score; 30. Pavarotti, for one; 32. Weapon in a gang fight; 33. What a programmer writes; 34. Pay attention to; 35. Blacken; 36. Brand of blocks; 37. Not a dup.; 38. Done without due consideration; 42. Island garland; 45. List ender; 49. It’s usually over a foot; 52. Give, as a grant; 54. University of Florida mascot; 55. Heating choice; 56. Some desert dwellings; 57. Mt. Rushmore’s locale: Abbr.; 58. Trio in a Christmas story; 59. Electric or water co.; 61. Dog command; 62. Site of some Galileo experiments; 63. Leave out; 65. Lawyers in cabinets: Abbr.

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