06.26.08 -- YSL

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz
YVESSAINTLAURENT (7D. Legendary name in 31-Across) is the main subject of today’s crossword puzzle. Sixteen squares were required to accommodate his name, making the diagram 15x16 with four squares of the puzzle containing the initials YSL. Also part of the tribute are the entries of FASHION (31A. See 7-Down), COLOGNE (43A. Product introduced by 7-Down in 1971) and RESPECTS (56A. What may be paid when someone dies).
Utilizing the four YSL squares are CITYSLICKERS (17A. Rube’s opposite) crossed by LAYSLOW (4D. Knocks to the ground); 21A. New York’s CHRYSLER Building, tallest in the world in 1930, crossed by LADYSLIPPER (11D. Orchid variety); GALLEYSLAVE (36D. “Ben-Hur” extra) crossed by PAYSLIPS (54A. Check attachments); and KEYSLOT (53D. Lock opening) crossed by BEAUTYSLEEP (60A. Extra shuteye).
The remaining acrosses: 1. Omani’s money; 5. It circles Hades nine times; 9. Pro Football Hall of Fame coach who once played for the New York Yankees; 14. Spanish pronoun; 15. Runoff site; 16. Airport rental option; 19. Circle lines; 20. Lets out; 22. Agonizes (over); 23. Submarine base?; 25. Want ad letters; 26. Graduated; 28. Figs. In sports reports; 33. “Paradise Lost,” e.g.; 34. “Upidstay” language; 37. Girl’s name that’s a butterfly genus; 38. First name in erotic writing; 39. Tow truck tool; 42. Two- or three-year-old, maybe; 45. Photograph abbr.; 46. SATANS Mistress,” 1982 horror flick; 47. One for the road; 50. 1974 hit my Mocedades; 52. Dog from Japan; 59. Make APACT with the devil; 61. Bank manager?; 62. Stud fee?; 63. River to the English Channel; 64. Push (oneself); 65. Wee, informally; 66. Liz Taylor’s husband before Fisher.
Downs: 1. Disqualify in court; 2. Enjoys a lot; 3. Potsdam Conference attendee; 5. Short moments; 6. Receipts; 8. See 37-Down; 9. Sarcastic laugh; 10. Bank feature; 12. Gallic girlfriend; 13. It may be “bon”; 18. Cyclades isle; 21. Reunion group; 24. Phone greeting in Central America; 26. Former fleet member; 27. Cub’s home, for short; 29. One of the Jacksons; 30. Word with brain or price; 31. Dart; 32. Some batteries; 33. Canal near Rome; 34. Gait; 35. Privy to; 37. With 8-Down, one who grew up on MTV, maybe; 40. Discontinued Saturn; 41. Some QB protectors; 43. Whom Taylor defeated for president in 1848; 44. Giant among Giants; 46. Wedding band, maybe; 47. “De Oratore” writer; 48. Take care of; 49. Scraped; 51. Kitchen gizmo; 52. Suitable; 53. Lock opening; 54. Prone to freckles; 55. Ne plus ultra; 57. Grub; 58. Chop SUEY; 60. Actress BAI Ling of “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
YSL is one of those standard fill entries of crossword puzzles that we have seen time and again -- today, it gets the royal treatment. It might be interesting to see what cluing YSL receives in the future, noting that in this puzzle SST is clued as Former fleet member. Most recently, Tuesday of this week, CYD appeared (albeit without a tribute) -- who’s next?
Lastly, I am always so amused by the fashion/fragrance industry’s utilization of exquisite human specimens for advertising purposes, sans clothing in the throes of passion, that I simply couldn’t resist brandishing one of YSL’s -- ergo, the lead advertisement of this commentary. If that’s a bit much, well…
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