06.28.08 -- Parade

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puzzle by Byron Walden, edited by Will Shortz
ZOMBIES (1D. Corp of corpses) lead the parade of personages OFNOTE (26D. Prominent) in this Saturday stomper. The ROYALWE (12D. The “I” of Elizabeth I?) beckons the troops from their WARRENS (33A. Cramped quarters) and SASHAYS (14D. Steps lively), daring the throng to KEEPUP (44D. Not lag) -- MRROMANCE (17A. 2005 reality show hosted by Fabio); SCHAFFER (31A. Playwright Peter of “Equus”); IAN (22A. “Lost” actor Somerhalder), ERLE (46A. Eponymous oilman Halliburton); an AGA (49A. Janissary commander); OSSIE (60A. Malcolm X eulogist Davis); 9. Owen GLENDOWER, rebel in Shakespeare’s “King Henry IV”; CSLEWIS (38D. Anthony Hopkins in “Shadowlands”); EUGENIA (41D. Southern historical novelist Price), and none TURNSTAIL (59A. Goes yellow, say) and none ESCAPES (20D. Houdini’s stock in trade) headed on IFIVE (27D. San Diuego-to-Seattle rte.) accompanied by 5D. “All Eyez ONME” (1996 Tupac Shakur album) for a journey of a PARSEC (Unit that’s larger than 19 trillion miles).

Sustenance of SPEARMINT (57A. Ingredient in a mojito highball) on an ONIONROLL (15A. Piquant base for a sandwich) in a ZIPLOCBAG (1A. Holder of many a sandwich) to SOCKAWAY (29A. Save) in your LARDERS (37D. Storage rooms) in decent AMTS (54D. A bushel and a peck?: Abbr.), TASTESOK (43A. Doesn’t need more seasoning), it’s TREF (47A. Not kosher) from the AGORA (16A. Heart of ancient Athens).
Well equipped be we with BEAMENGINES (19A. Steam-driven devices that pump water from mines), a WATERHEATER (51A. Item called a geyser in Britain), a LOOM (4D. 1785 invention of England’s Edmund Cartwright), all ATEINTO (36D. Corroded), a CELESTA (28D. “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” instrument), HARPS (10A. They come with strings attached), YOYOS (18A. They come with strings attached) ala Shortzesque, all along with a BONGO (7D. What a beatnik beats) ECHOIC (25A. Coming right back at you?).
The PIRANHA (3D. Ruthless type) RESORTSTO (32D. Uses in desperation) TRICK (58A. Gull) and RENEGES (39A. Heart failures?) with a PROTEAN (13D. Changeable) NEWDO (55A. Change at the top?) SMARTLY (42D. With fashion sense) with a PLEA (24A. Video from a kidnappee’s family, e.g.) from ALCOVES (36A. Dinette settings) in ERSE (53D. Manx relative) for a 48A. Beau-FRERE (French in-law) with a group of pet ALCIDS (8D. Auks, puffins and related birds), and all for the price of a KRONA (30D. 100 aurar).
Oh my SACRUM (45A. Pelvic bone), “Deo GRATIAS”, it’s a good HAND (52D. Flush, for one), so here are the ODDS (23A. Track numbers) -- Across: 21. Letter getter: Abbr.; 34. “Where’s my serpent of old NILE?”: “Anthony and Cleopatra”; 35. “Gilgamesh,”, e.g.; 50. Chemical suffix. Down: 6. Start of some blended juice names; 10. Makes bales, say; 11. Long AGO; 51. More than stirred; 56. Century starter in the papacy of Gregory I.
Sorry, today no OPEDESSAY (61A. Will work?), just a puzzle parade!
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Linda G said...

I'm enjoying the luxury of solving at my leisure. Just finished the Friday puzzle and most of Saturday...needed a couple of spots filled here. Couldn't figure out TURNS TAIL for the life of me...I was parsing it TURN STAIL, which made no sense.

DONALD said...


I entered TURN STALE at the start, but turned tail and came around to TURNS TAIL.