06.01.08 -- Babel

The Tower of Babel as depicted in the engraving The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré (1865)
Sunday, June 1, 2008
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EXTRA SYLL-UH-BLES, Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz
Paronomasia with silly syllables (say "uh") constitute the inter-related across entries of this wryly amusing Sunday crossword puzzle -- BUYABLEBELT (22. Waistband sold in stores?); MORALLYSAFER (27. Wiser from an ethical perspective?); THESALIVATIONARMY (32. Fighting force trained by Pavlov?); CORONERONTHEMARKET (56. Freelance autopsist?); HUMMABLEBEGINNINGS (63. Catchy song parts heard on “Name That Tune”?); RIOTINGIMPLEMENTS (81. Stones and brickbats?); RENTASENATOR (92A. Store that peddles political influence?); REDSKELETON (99. Boiled lobster’s feature?).
The best clue of this crossword is for ORANGE (49D. Self-descriptive fruit). Others: SAWS (13A. They may be big fellers); ADAM (41A. Leading man?); ASSES (72A. Pack carriers); ATTACKDOG (98A. Its bite is worse than its bark); SNOW (109. Fall around Christmas); WATER (15D. It’s in the spring); THUD (32D. Sound of a failure); MAST (44D. Ensign holder); PURSE (59D. Place to keep Mace); MISREAD (79D. Think that might is right?).
Puzzle personae: ADAM and SATAN (13D. Evildoer); MELMOTH the Wanderer” (1820 gothic novel) (9D.); JOHANN (10D. Composer Pachelbel); LADD (1A. Diane of “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”); DEY (40A. Actress Susan of “L.A. Law”); PAOLO (59A. Renaissance painter Uccello); CLAUDIA (61A. Lady Bird Johnson’s given birth name); SMEE (68A. Captain Hook’s mate in “Peter Pan”); MEESE (90A. Attorney general during Reagan’s second term); LANG (91A. “Metropolis” director); RONA (105A. Barrett of gossip); DOPEY (108A. Only beardless one of the Seven Dwarfs); ROSEY (21D. N.F.L. star Grier); CASS (30D. Buchanan’s secretary of state); INIGO (34D. Architect Jones); REESE (37D. Actress Witherspoon); ALGER (43D. “Tattered Tom” author); ASTIN (48D. John of “The Addams Family”); HANSARP (58D. Founding member of the Dadaists); GEORG (84D. Ohm of Ohm’s law); ELLERY (85D. Queen of mystery); HETTY Sorrel (woman in a love triangle in “Adam Bede”) (87D.); NORA Roberts, first inductee into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame (94D.).
Locations: RABAT (21A. World capital formerly a pirate stronghold); OCALA(49A. City just west of Silver Springs); ERITREA (66A. Country with a camel on its coat of arms); GRAEME Park, historical home near Philadelphia (52D.); PINSK (78D. Belarus port).
A few more links: 9D. Rimbaud’s UNE Saison en Enfer”, who hasn‘t had one of those?; AEROBE (46D. Bacterium that needs oxygen), I was squeezing in an “amoeba“; GAITER (104A. Ankle covering), not “garter“; ALLTEL (5D. Mobile phone company), this is the first time I heard of this company; CRASH (86D. 2005 Best Picture winner).
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Across: 5. Picture holder; 10. ___ alai; 17. Prefix with business; 18. West African coins; 20. On one’s ___; 24. Issue to avoid; 26. Bad things to share; 29. Miller brand; 30. Two points?; 31. Wellborn folks; 38. Qualifying races; 39. Auto superseded by the Rambler; 45. Some cloisonné pieces; 46. Distresses; 47. Put through demeaning rituals; 50. Salon selections; 51. Kilo- times 1,000; 52. Mardi ___; 54. Skirts worn by both men and women; 62. Private; 67. Sign; 69. X3 and X5 maker; 73. T. ___ Price (investment firm); 75. Intervals; 76. Animation; 77. Minus; 78. Club wielders’ grp.; 79. Stud farm visitor; 80. Crème de la crème; 81. Stones and brickbats?; 86. Appointed; 95. Like glass doors, often; 102. Be part of the opening lineup; 103. High dudgeon; 104. Ankle covering; 106. Lots of talk; 107. Smidgen. Down: 1. Testing facilities; 2. Flue symptom; 3. Washes without water; 4. Record keepers, of a sort; 5. Mobile phone company. 6. Bottom of the barrel; 7. Weave’s partner; 8. Rimbaud’s “___ Saison en Enfer”; 11. Gone from the company, maybe; 12. Like many large cos.; 14. To the rear of; 16. Alibi; 19. Premium vodka brand, for short; 23. Bug-ridden software releases; 25. Miniature; 28. Down Under jumper; 33. Lifesaver; 35. Ornamental piece of drapery; 36. Timber-dressing tool; 41. Squirrels’ cache; 42. Word to which a common reply is “Bitteschon”; 46. Bacterium that needs oxygen; 47. Submit; 51. Cheek teeth; 53. Vin color; 55. Organic compounds with nitrogen; 56. French aristocrats; 57. Nudge; 60. Not quite right; 63. Get better; 64. Slowly; 65. Motivate; 69. Fighting words; 70. Fly-catching aid; 71. Depression causes; 74. Granola tidbit; 75. Willing; 76. Appliances with lids; 80. It may come with attachments; 81. Not just sit there; 82. Projected onto a screen; 83. Last number in a column; 86. 2005 Best Picture winner; 88. Available by the pint, perhaps; 89. Rubberneck; 93. Alter pieces?; 95. ___-Ball; 96. Inadvisable action; 97. Chew on; 100. Per la grazia di ___ (by the grace of God); 101. Brand at a gas station.

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