06.16.08 -- Weather

Shade and Darkness - the Evening of the Deluge --
J. M. W. Turner

Monday, June 16, 2008

Puzzle by Ronald J. and Nancy J. Byron, edited by Will Shortz

BLOWININTHEWIND (20A. 1960s weather song by Peter, Paul and Mary), HERECOMESTHESUN (36A. 1960s weather song by the Beatles) and RHYTHMOFTHERAIN (51A. 1960s weather song by the Cascades) are the inter-related entries of this Monday back-to-work crossword puzzle. Other little bits of weather-related items are 15A. Arctic OCEAN, 54A. On the briny, ASEA, 60A. Red sky in the morning, OMEN, and well, I guess we can include 31D. Cause of some urban coughs, SMOG.

This one is rife with ILLS (55D. Woes), ADOS (1A. Hullabaloos); things that ITCH (16A. Poison ivy symptom) or ACHE (25D. Have rheumatic pains) with
ARSON (46D. Criminal burning), PYRES (48D. Combustible funeral structures) all AFIRE (49D. Burning) -- CURT (34D. Terse to the point of rudeness) NITWIT (10D. Lamebrain) CEOS (30A. Co. honchos) on EGOTRIPS (39D. Self-aggrandizing acts) who SHOWCASE (4D. Cabinet for displaying wares) without SHAME (47D. Humiliation) -- not to mention some shady character on a STALK (18A. Follow persistently, as a celebrity), SITINS (43D. Some ’60s protests) and something that THUDS (13D. Falling sounds) -- enough to truly upset poor EDITH (22D. Archie’s “dingbat”) with her infamous SASS (65A. Back talk). Dead creatures in the form of CATCH (37D. Fish that’s no longer in the sea), a PELT (62A. Fur trader’s fur), helplessly doomed BAIT (28A. Wrigglers, to a fisherman) and unidentified OVA (38D. Eggs).

Other fare includes 6D. Be part of, as a play; ACTIN: 25A. Secret matters, ARCANA; 58A. Prospero’s servant in “The Tempest”, ARIEL; 49A.
ASCOT Gavotte,” “My Fair Lady” tune; 41A. Openly declares, AVOWS; 46A. Clear jelly used as a garnish, ASPIC; 5A. Wood for a model plane, BALSA; 5D. Neighbor of Croatia, BOSNIA; 61A. New Orleans’s Vieux CARRE; 23A. Sacagawea dollar and others, COINS; 24A. Cuts into cubes, DICES; 11D. Body of moral principles, ETHIC; 12D. British biscuit, SCONE; 50D. Cubic meter, STERE; 64A. “To SLEEP -- perchance to dream”: Hamlet.

The remains -- SLANT and LEANS; ALTO (17A. Voice below soprano) and BASS (28D. Voice below baritone); NESS, NEST and NATS along with ACE, ANKH, ANT, ARAB, ASIA, CORK, DOLL, ELK, GIRD, ION, ISLA, LEW, MACS, ORAL, OTTO, OVA, REEL, ROTH, SALT, SARI, STAG,

Oh, and ENDS (35D. Termini).


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Across: 7. Isn’t quite vertical; 10. Where eggs are laid; 14. ___ I.R.A. (investment); 19. One G; 33. Star pitcher; 40. Bull or cow in the forest; 42. Encircle; 43. Dateless; 57. Rani raiment; 59. Mallorca or Menorca, por ejemplo; 63. Eliot of the Untouchables. Down: 1. Qatari, e.g.; 2. Barbie or Ken; 3. Director Preminger; 8. “S” shaker; 9. Egyptian symbol of life; 21. Charged particle; 26. Predigital film part; 27. Bottle part that goes “pop!”; 29. Six-legged worker; 31. Viewpoint; 32. “Ben-Hur” author Wallace; 33. Home to more than half the world’s population; 45. Place for a Dr. Scholl’s pad; 52. Alternatives to Pcs; 53. Like traditional epic poetry; 56. Washington nine.

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