06.05.08 -- Market

The Babylon Marriage Market – Painting by Edwin Longsden Long

Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Puzzle by James Sajdak, edited by Will Shortz

OPENMARKET (57A. Where things are freely bought and sold … and what the starts of 17-, 23-, 36- and 46-Across do?), along with FLEACIRCUS (17A. Tiny sideshow attraction), FARMERSALMANAC (23A. Old weather forecaster), SUPERBOWLSUNDAY (36A. When a big game is caught) and BULLMOOSEPARTY (46A. Roosevelt group) are the inter-related entries, resulting in a flea market, farmer’s market, supermarket and bull market.

LIFTAFINGER (10D. Do anything to help) and REDEVELOPED (24D. Like land in urban renewal) are the other two long entries, followed by WINNIPEG (32A. City nicknamed Gateway to the West) and SHAVEOFF (40A. Remove, as a mustache). The four six-letter entries are APEMEN (44D. Missing links?), CURERS (6D. Shamans), JOINED (5D. Wedded) and LERNER (43D. “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” lyricist) -- which in "My Fair Lady" is sung at the market.

Five-letter entries dominate the puzzle with ACORN squash (64A.); “I’d like to see AMENU” (22D.); ATARI (22A. Cyberball maker); ATTIC (13D. Ancient Greek); BERET (46D. Arty topper); ETHOS (52a. Guiding beliefs); GCLEF (2D. Sign of treble?); JCREW (5A. Clothing retailer on the New York Stock Exchange since 2008); LEEZA (3D. Radio host Gibbons); LHASA (48D. Disputed holy city); MEARA (12D. Half of a popular comedy team); OCEAN (11D. Place to use an echograph); OUIDA (15A. “A Dog of Flanders” novelist, 1872); REAMS (37D. Stationer’s stock); RENEE Montoya, DC Comics heroine known as the Question (61A.); RICKS (7D. Gin join in “Casablanca”); STENO (49D. Pool temp, maybe); TOKEN (50D. Bit of arcade currency); UTERO (47D. Unborn, after “in”); YIELD (51. Return) -- something from the bull market.

Four-letter entries: ACER, ARIL, BELA, BORO, COMA, EADS, EARN, EHUD, ERSE, FEAT, GARP, ICET, INDY, LANE, LENS, LOMA, NASA, OAFS, OFNO, OGLE, ONEK, REAP, REEF, STAY, TOAD, TRES. Three-letter: EAR, EDU, ERA, ESS, GYP, HUH, OIS, ORA, PDA, PEC, RBI, SEZ, WAS, WWF, UPA -- all of which we’ve seen before on the crossword market.

Wait for the sale…


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THE NEW YORK TIMES -- Crossword Puzzles and Games

Across: 1. Eye; 10. Casa ___, Toronto castle; 19. Juggling nine balls, e.g.; 20. “___ me, that’s who!”; 21. Short race, for short; 27. ___ Bridge, first to span the Mississippi at St. Louis; 28. Shorten, as a sail; 29. Israel’s Olmert; 41. Title film role for Robin Williams; 42. Make; 43. Place for pins; 53. “___ bien”; 54. Sue Grafton’s “___ for Outlaw”; 56. Win; 60. Celtic language; 62. First name in horror; 63. Fly catcher; 65. Movie hero with a fedora, familiarly. Down: 1. Daily trippers?; 4. History text unit; 8. End of a professor’s address; 9. Is in the past; 18. What a person who’s out may be in; 25. Seed case; 26. Projector part; 29. Switchback shape; 30. “Say what?”; 31. ___ tree; 32. Former grapplers’ org.; 33. Palm Pilot, e.g., briefly; 34. Iowa harvest unit; 365. Con; 38. Queens, e.g.; 39. ___ consequence; 45. Columbia org.; 55. A judge might issue one; 57. ___ pro nobis; 58. Muscle builder’s muscle, for short; 59. Big stat for Manny Ramirez.

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