06.03.08 -- WALDO

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
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Puzzle by Pete Muller, edited by Will Shortz
WHERESWALDO (35A. Question posed by a 1987 children’s best seller)? -- INTHECORNER (43A. This puzzle’s answer to 35-Across [spelled out four times]). The letters (and thus, the name) W, A, L, D and O appear(s) four more times diagonally from the corners toward the center of the puzzle. Cute!
Most likely, a solver will take under consideration the longer entries of the crossword as being possibly inter-related as is usual; however, they are not -- ELLIPTICAL (17A. Like many planetary orbits), MONTICELLO (61A. Building seen on a nickel), NILESCRANE (11D. 1990s-2000s sitcom shrink) and PERSONALAD (31D. Purchase of one who’s looking for love) -- but are merely part of the crssword crowd in which W A L D O is hidden.
Those four ten-letter entries are joined by two seven-letter entries: MAOISTS (26A. Long March participants) and TANDOOR (49A. Indian oven), and a dozen six-letter entries: 10D. Maine’s ACADIA National Park; ALONSO (15A. “The Tempest” king); ARIANE (65A. French satellite launcher); CWPOST (29D. Breakfast cereal pioneer); GRANDE (41D. Starbucks size); IDCARD (18D. It may be swiped); NAPLES (68A. City with a view of Vesuvius); RATING (4A. PG or R); SHASTA (30D. Cascades peak); SOBERS (28D. Gets over drunkenness, with “up”); THEPEN (27D. It’s “mightier,” in a saying); UDDERS (46D. Jersey parts?).
Five-letter entries include ALTAR (5D. Rite site); CSPAN (29A. Airer of Congressional proceedings); GOLDA (9D. Israel’s Meir); KASHI (33D. Whole-grain cereal pioneer); MACHO (34A. Far from wimpy); OPINE (52D. Speak one’s mind); OSMAN (50D. Ottoman Turk leader); 48A. Composer Camille Saint-SAENS; STOUT (45A. Pub serving); TASTE (40A. Sample).
The four-corner entries resulting in the W for the four WALDOs are the three-and-four-letter entries WHO and WHEW; ANEW and WOO; SSW and WADS; and SEW and LOEW. The remaining four letter entries are ADOS, ALAE, ALTO, CIAO, CORE, DEAL, DUDE, ELMS, GAPE, HALO, INCA, ITOO, MOON, OSLO, PARD, SAAR, SALE, SNIP, UOMO, WOOD. Three-letter, AAA, ALA, EAT, EIN, HAS, MAE, NSA, ONE, ORA, OSO, RAP, SEP, STN, TKO.
Where’s Waldo? HERE!
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Across: 1. Sci-fi’s “Doctor ___”; 10. From the start; 14. Suffers from; 16. “Later”; 19. Clarinet type; 20. Ebony, e.g.; 21. Like; 32. Bout stopper, for short; 38. Fighter for Jeff Davis; 39. Western pal; 41. Open widely; 42. Old spy org.; 47. A, in Austria; 51. It turns the tide; 53. Commotions; 54. Equinox mo.; 55. Bargain; 59. Bargain event; 64. Moselle tributary; 66. West of “My Little Chickadee”; 67. Gum globs; 69. Do zigzags, maybe. Down: 1. “That was close!”; 2. Symbol of sanctity; 3. Nobel Institute city; 4. Grammy category; 7. Pizarro foe; 8. Code-cracking org.; 12. Absorb, as a loss; 13. Wine and dine; 23. Man, in 68-Across; 25. Canadian “loonie” denomination; 36. RR stop; 37. Boxing Day mo.; 43. Langston Hughes poem; 44. Bear, in Bolivia; 54. Salon sound; 56. “Slippery” trees; 57. Wings: Lat.; 58. MGM mogul Marcus; 59. Phila.-to-Miami dir.; 60. Tow-providing org.; 62. “…man ___ mouse?”; 63. These, in Tours.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this website, especially the artwork you choose to accompany the postings (like the woodcut from yesterday).

Why isn't there any information about you on your website? I am curious what you do for a living. You're obviously very intelligent and very creative.

P.S. - The Waldo video was just plain mean. : )

DONALD said...

I wish I could say the lack of information was humility or modesty, but cannot, as I am too vain, and just love your comment!

The Waldo video was mean!

Dennis said...

I really liked this puzzle for a Tuesday. It was a treat to find a twist this early in the week.

I was displeased to see my least favorite entry: AAA. It always strikes me as just plain lazy.

DONALD said...


Trade off with AAA -- guess that's all that fit in order to get WALDO in there.

I always think any 3-letter entry is of no consequence, no puzzle is made up to accommodate a 3-letter entry -- it just happens to be what falls into place when the main entries are made up and put in place.

Have a great day.