06.06.08 -- Gesundheit!

Death Chasing the Flock of Mortals, James Ensor, 1896
Friday, June 6, 2008
Puzzle by Ashish Vengsarkar, edited by Will Shortz
TRYGOOGLINGTHIS (17A. Mean crossword clue writer’s challenge to solvers?), RUNSINTHEFAMILY (22A. Gets passed down, perhaps), YOUHADMEATHELLO (37A. Movie line spoken by RenĂ©e Zellweger after “Just shut up”), DAILYOCCURRENCE (50A Sunrise, say), BEIJINGOLYMPICS(57A. Event starting on 08/08/08 at 08:08:08), BEYONDSUSPICION (3D. Unimpeachable) and ETHNICCLEANSING (11D. Heinous war crime) are the main entries of this T.G.I.F. crossword puzzle.
The remainders, across: 1. R.B.I. or E.R.A., e.g., ABBR; 5. Return addressee?, IRS; 8. Zeroes, RESETS; 14. Boston specialty, CREAMPIE; 16. Saint whose name means “good”, AGATHA; 19. Meal source, OAT; 20. Something about Mary?, HALO; 21. People who aren’t positive?, NOS; 27. Potential pass target, END; 28. Flight data recorder?: Abbr.; FAA; 29. Fortune 500 company whose toll-free number ends with 23522, AFLAC; 30. Major work in grad sch., DISS; 32. Commuting choices: Abbr., RRS; 34. Molly of early stage and screen, PICON; 41. “Scandalized Masks” painter, 1883, ENSOR; 42. Wall St. deal, LBO; 43. What you might wind up with, REEL; 44. They often cross, PATHS; 47. Considered groovy, DUG; 49. Land in the Thames, AIT; 54. Cover-letter letters, ENC; 55. 1970s tennis star Ramirez, RAUL; 56. Nitwit, ASS; 63. Inspire, AROUSE; 64. Contingency funds, MADMONEY; 65. Specially trained soldier, RANGER; 66. Replies of comprehension, OHS; 67. Psalm starter, OGOD.
Down: 1. What a scene is seen in, ACT; 2. Cold evidence?, BRR; 4. Eastern music, RAGAS; 5. Wall St. deal, IPO; 6. Very desirous person’s sacrifice?, RIGHTARM; 7. Psalm ender, SELAH; 8. Split, RANOFF; 9. Graded item, EGG; 10. Posed, SAT; 12. Compound added to natural gas to give it an odor, THIOL; 13. Flip, SASSY; 15. Interior designer’s creation, MOTIF; 18. Parts of gastrointestinal tracts, ILEA; 22. Turn red, maybe, REDYE; 23. Word with card or catalog, UNION; 24. Olden ointment, NARD; 25. Fictional river of verse, ALPH; 26. Three-time skiing world champion Hermann, MAIER; 31. Spit, e.g.; SHOAL; 33. Chlorure de sodium, SEL; 35. OLEIC acid; 36. Best Actor nominee of 1991 and 1998, NOLTE; 38. Like Manhattan’s East Village, ARTY; 39. Fahd’s successor in Saudi Arabia, ABDULLAH; 40. Duty for a docent, TOUR; 45. Oscar-winning “Titanic” score composer James, HORNER; 46. Heroin, slangily, SCAG; 48. Texas senator succeeded by Cornyn, GRAMM; 50. Keep out, DEBAR; 51. End of ANERA; 52. 1980s-’90s New York governor, CUOMO; 53. Neighbor of Helsinki, ESPOO ; 58. Kind of band, JUG; 59. British verb ending, ISE; 60. Field divs., YDS; 61. One driving a bus.?; CEO; 52. Charley’s Aunt” star Chaplin, SYD.
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Anonymous said...

Ashish Vengsarkar and Will Shortz just passed off a puzzle that really wasn't any fun. I'm not too bright but this puzzle was a little awkward in it's obfuscation. Thanks for helping me cheat myself. I feel dirty.