06.04.08 -- No, No, Nosferatu!

Max Schreck as Count Orlock
Only a woman can break his frightful spell—a woman pure in heart—who will offer her blood freely to Nosferatu and will keep the vampire by her side until after the cock has crowed -- Nosferatu, 1922

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Puzzle by Billie Truitt, edited by Will Shortz

THINGSTHATBREAK (33A. What 17-, 24-, 48- and 57-Across are) is a unifying entry for CURVEBALLS (17A. Tricky, unexpected questions), DAYLIGHT (24A. Vampire’s undoing), KIDSTOYS (48A. Stairway hazards, in some homes) and OCEANWAVES (57A. View from the shore); however, the clues for the things that break; e.g., tricky, unexpected questions and a view from the shore, do not break; nor for that matter do stairway hazards in some homes or the undoing of vampires!
That classic oater REDRIVER (10D. John Wayne western) is featured along the trail of longer entries which include NEWSDESK (34D. Bulletin-creating department); ASPIRIN (20A. It’s a relief); DUCHESS (24D. Title for Camilla) with her title HRH (26D. Initials for Camilla); LEADORE (51A. Galena or anglesite); SECRETS (21. Spies seek them).
ANVILS (4D. 12-Down hardware) and SMITHY (12D. Place with a forge) lead off the six-letter entries which include ADAGIO (44D. Slowly, on a score); ALLEGE (11D. Make as a claim); EYECUP (45D. Glass in a medicine cabinet); LEERAT (5D. Ogle); LIEDTO (43D. Purposely misinformed); SEDATE (47D. Unruffled)); and TWOWAY (46D. Involving give-and-take).
CLIMB (22D. Gain altitude) and HOIST (13D. Use a block and tackle on) head the five letter entries which include ATEST (61A. Alamogordo trial), CASEY (9D. “Mighty“ one who struck out), CHEST (25A. Pirate‘s storage), FOCAL (1A. Centrally located), GUSTO (35D. Hearty enjoyment), INANE (14A. Vacant, in a way), KLEIN (48D. Calvin of fashion), ORONO (49D. Maine college town), TSARS (46A. Winter Palace residents) and YENTA (64A. Meddlesome sort).
ONUS (2D. Cross to bear) and OPUS (63A. Numbered work) lead off the four-letter entries -- CARP, DLII, EGAN, ELMO, EPIC, ESTA, FICA, GALA, IVEY, LAWS, NEST, NOOK, NUMB, OVEN, RASH.
Highlighted by the luxuriously clued entry of ELM (41A. “Man’s the ___, and Wealth the vine, / Stanch and strong the tendrils twine”: Emerson), the three-letter group is lively with AIR (38D. See 37-Down), AME, BIB, BOT, BUY, CUT, ELI, EPA (37D. Org. monitoring 38-Down quality), EMU, EUR, ELM, ESL, EWE, HRH, IOC, KTS, LAB, PAL, PIT and the simply clued URL (30A. Web address).
A tidy mid-week crossword -- to sum up, ILLSAY (8D. “You bet!”) ITIS (59A. Reply to “That so?”) a GOODONE (52A. “Nice shot!”), but oh, no! No, no, Nosferatu!
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Across: 6. Ambitious in scope; 10. Reaction to poison oak; 15. Black-tie affair; 16. Red Muppet; 19. Mid sixth-century year; 23. Experiment site; 28. Super deal; 29. “Hurlyburly” Tony winner Judith; 31. Summer Games org.; 32. Letters on some churches; 40. Prefix with -asian; 42. Place to refuel; 43. Doctor of ___ (degree); 45. Subj. for aliens; 50. Meadow mother); 61. Galena or anglesite; 56. Advantage; 59. Reply to “That so?”; (60. Unfeeling; 62. Dinette spot). Down: 1. Pay stub abbr.; 3. Grouse; 6. New York cardinal; 7. Chum; 18. Splatter catcher; 25. Drop from the team; 27. One of football’s Manning brothers; 28. Science fair creation, briefly; 31. Acre’s locale: Abbr.; 32. Source of bread, for short; 36. Every one; 37. Org. monitoring 38-Down quality; 38. See 37-Down; 39. Measures of gold purity: Abbr.; 50. Long, long time; 52. Chatters; 53. Rack holder; 54. Fit snugly; 55. “Donde ___ …?”; 58. Australian runner.


Julie said...

Can you explain how ISR is an Acre's locale?

DONALD said...


Acre also known as Akko, is a city in the Western Galilee area of northern Israel (abbr. Isr.).

A tricky clue.