06.13.08 -- EYE

Eye on the dollar bill,
Joseph Wisniewski
Friday, June 13, 2008
Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz
EYE (35D. Dollar bill symbol) sits center of this Friday the 13th crossword puzzle, anchoring the middle letter of three long entries -- TAILGATEPARTIES (32A. They have people eating in a lot), ILLTAKEYOUTHERE (37A. 1972 #1 hit for the Staple Singers) and RELATIVECLAUSES (38A. Sentence fragments often beginning with “wh-” words).
Ten-letter letter entries ensue with INANUPROAR (14A. Riotous); KENNELCLUB (17A. Organization concerned with good breeding); CREPEPAPER (54A. PiƱata material); SALESAGENT (58A. Pitcher?); PLAYMAKING (15D. QB’s talent); EPAULETTES (25D. Dress uniform adornments); and several nine-letter entries -- PRIMARIES (11D. Election year events); INSINCERE (12D. Two-faced); ALEXANDRA (33D. Ripley who wrote the “Gone With the Wind” sequel “Scarlett”); ILLTREATS (34D. Abuses).
Across: 1. Shakespeare’s Sir Toby BELCH; 6. Italian architect Rossi; 10. Hot rod?; 16. Part of the view in “A Room With a View”; 18. Early career trajectory; 19. First-aid expert, briefly; 20. Vengeful Quaker of literature; 21. Pal, in Pau; 22. Highest-scoring Scrabble word that doesn’t use A, E, I, O or U; 25. Cryogenic refrigerant; 28. Objects; 30. Health facility; 31. Sony BMG record label; 39. Nos. pressed after getting through; 40. Neuter pronoun; 41. “A Fine Romance” composer; 41. Dorothy Lamour’s trademark garment; 44. “You should really know better!”; 48. Org. that gives out Jazz Masters Awards; 49. Something to do in a virtual room; 52. Satyajit Ray’s “The APU Trilogy”; 53. Cereal box nos.; 57. Baseball team owner Moreno; 59. Force divided by acceleration; 60. Kids to watch out for; 61. 1950s sitcom family name.
Down: 1. Exercise room lineup; 2. “Politics is the ENEMY of the imagination”: Ian McEwan; 3. Walter who created Woody Woodpecker; 4. “Reliable Sources” broadcaster; 5. Shade; 6. Roguish; 7. “Run LOLA Run” (1998 thriller); 8. Smear (on); 9. Diving device, in sci-fi; 10. Opera impresario Caldwell; 13. Sock part; 23. Big Three locale; 24. Unit of explosive force; 26. Golden Horde members; 27. Moves carefully; 29. First name shared by both founders of Apple; 30. Son of Sarek; 32. Street contacts?; 36. Dull sound; 43. Travelers’ stopping points; 45. Come to the point?; 46. Used up; 47. Literary character whose last words are “The horror! The horror!” ; 49. Learn a lot, say; 50. Album after “Beatles VI” ; 51. Acts like; 53. Run into; 54. Series of violent episodes?; 55. Product sold in spray cans; 56. Period.
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